Father's Day Gift

A Gift for Daddy

The spent nine months on a roller coaster of emotions; first the shock of learning that he was going to be a dad, the panic over what that responsibility meant, the financial worry of having to support his family, the frustration over his partner’s whirlwind moods, the awe at seeing the tiny image on the ultrasound machine and feeling the little kick in his partner’s belly, and a hundred other things. The moment he laid eyes on the little person he helped create made all of those worries disappear and he stared in amazement at the miracle of life. Baltic Amber Necklace - ADHD Anxiety Arthritis Carpal Tunnel Polished Black Cherry Baltic Amber And Lapis Lazuli 18 Inch Baltic Amber Necklace For Big Kid, Teenager, Or Adult

Then he entered an entirely different realm of worries and fears. How do I know the car seat is in right? What do I do when he cries?  What do I do when my partner cries?  How do I put on the diaper?  What does colic mean?  What if I drop him? He slowly started to learn, day by day, how to care for an infant and try to support his partner at the same time.

Now he’s getting the hang of being a dad. He knows how to make sure the bottle and bathwater aren’t too hot, how to put pajamas on a wiggling baby and how to make the funny faces that produce adorable little baby giggles.  He’s learned to cook spaghetti and how to treat diaper rash and how to make it through a work day on three hours of sleep.

Being a dad is a tough job. Unless he wins the lottery or inherits a mint from a long-lost relative, he’ll always worry about having enough money to take care of his family and his kid’s college fund, not to mention the surprise broken water heater or the new set of tires.  Even if he has nine kids, he’ll always worry that he’s not a good enough father, or about making a mistake for which his kids will blame him when he’s older.  He’ll always worry over his family’s safety and strive to be their protector. 

So what can you give a new dad to help relieve some of that worry and stress? It’s doubtful that a new tie or a “World’s Greatest Dad” t-shirt would fit the bill, and it’s likely that all that stress is causing dad to have some outward physical symptoms as well.  How about giving him the gift of a Hazelwood and Lapis Lazuli necklace from BalticEssentials.com?  For centuries, Lapis Lazuli has been prized for its ability to quiet the mind and restore inner balance and is known as a universal symbol of truth and wisdom.  Hazelwood is a shrub native to Canada used for balancing the body’s pH levels by absorbing excess acid.  Stress definitely causes the body to be out of balance and if dad has been noticing more heartburn or reflux than usual, Hazelwood can certainly offer some relief.

So this Father's Day, skip the tie and corny t-shirt and give him something that he can really use - the gift of stress relief.