Perfect Gift for Dad

A Gift For Father's Day

What does your dad (uncle, grand father, brother) want for Father's Day? Dads LOVE Baltic Essentials Amber for pain relief.

A recent pole on our Facebook page shows that dads use Baltic Amber for relief from arthritis, body aches, headache, carpal tunnel, hypothyroid, allergies & sinus inflammation, planters fasciitis, TMJ, swelling, achy knees, wisdom teeth pain, shoulder pain, & more.

What would YOUR dad use Baltic Amber for?

Surprise dad with a stylish necklace for Father's Day~!

We also have Baltic Essentials Hazelwood for tummy issues; it can heal the gut from ulcers or acid reflux, and skin disorders such as eczema.

Lapis Lazuli & Black Onyx Necklaces for adults treats ADHD, stress, and anxiety! Necklaces for dad range from 17 inches to 22 inches.

Baltic Essentials Amber
For Adults; Anti-Inflammation, carpal tunnel, arthritis, hypothyroid, sciatica, swelling, fever, and more.
For Adults; Stomach aches, eczema, ulcers, acid reflux, tummy aches, and more.
Essential Oil Diffusers
We also carry essential oil diffusers! 15% off for Dad!

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