Benefits of Baltic Essentials

The History of Baltic Amber

Baltic Amber, an organic substance originally formed millions of years ago, has long been very effective in reducing the teething pains and inflammatory complications experienced by infants, children, and adults. The benefits one can have when Baltic Amber cannot be overemphasized, although the knowledge of this useful substance is still not known by many, especially in some parts of Europe. There is good news though-- the knowledge of it  is spreading, and demand is increasing because of the natural curative tendencies  of people, including the nursing mothers who have used it on their children over the years.

There are people who believe that the popularity of Baltic Amber is based merely on superstition and sentiments, but truthful testimonies across the globe from those who have used overwhelmed the rebuttals. It is because of those people and for those we want to introduce our products to that Baltic Essentials continues to produce Amber Necklaces. we now have Amber Bracelets available too for anyone and everyone.

Before mentioning the many benefits amber has, it is important for us to describe how and this substance works. Although the beads are designed to be attractive and beautiful by those who wear it, the purpose the beads should lay across the neck is so it can have direct contact with the skin. Our body heat then causes amber to release succinic acid, which is a water-soluble colorless crystal that has an acidic taste. Apart from other functions of the succinic acid, it has a neutralizing property that helps in relieving pain. While it is not toxic, no one should allow a child to chew on it. 



Parents have different stories to tell when it comes to the teeth development period of their child. They experience sleepless nights which causes reduction of efficiency during the day. But the usage of Baltic Amber stops pains on teething periods of the child, making the parents happy.


It has been identified that the ambers are excellent alternative to the synthetic pain reliever medication and teething gels that is used worldwide.  


You cannot compare the cost of acquiring the Baltic amber to that of the synthetic medications. One of the advantages is that it can be re-used. Therefore, after using it on the first child, it can be used on the last child you are going to bear because it does not have an expiring date.


The amber teething necklace can be used to beautify the baby as well as natural medicine. As mentioned earlier, we have so many designs of amber that is very fashionable for the family at large.

Characteristic You Can Expect From Baltic Essentials 


To experience the effectiveness of Baltic amber, you need to go for the best quality. There are a few producers and designers of amber teething necklace who sells quality products, but there are cheaper versions out there. If you want to ensure you are buying the most potent Amber, Baltic Essentials is the best.


The strength of the beads should also be considered, especially if you are considering buying this for a child. The reason is because they might be drawn the beads to the point they will tug on it. If you buy Amber jewelry that not strong, it might not last. However, you will never have to worry about that with us as our products are extremely durable.


If you want to buy Baltic Amber, whether for a family member or friend, you should also consider the beauty of how we design our products. In order to make our product unique and different from the others in the market as well as more potent in terms of functionality, we also have added precious stones to it. If you check out our Gallery, you will see designs with Black onyx, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Aventurine and Pink Rose Quartz. They are adorable to behold.

In addition to Baltic Amber, we have also have Baltic Hazelwood, which is integrated as part of the necklace. Hazelwood, in particular, helps those who suffer from eczema, heartburn, and ulcers as the wood absorbs excess acidity from the body.