Amber: The Enemy of Diseases

More than a Rock

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Amber looks as if it was derived from a pretty stone, but the attractive and beneficial bead is actually made from fossilized resin that is thousands of years old. Many may not believe this wondrous source that came from a tree has so many capabilities for restoring the body. Still, there are many good things that come just from wearing amber such as improved immunity, help for wounds, and it benefits our organs (heart, liver, kidney, intestines, brain). Amber can help take away those annoying headaches, prevent asthma attacks, increase the delivery of oxygen to the body and minimize a range of diseases and disorders such as for the thyroid and joint conditions. The amazing properties of amber has been dubbed as the “magical stone” containing a powerful electromagnetic field and biostimulants that are important for the human body. Amber is capable of detoxing the body while providing anti-inflammatory properties and decrease stress. The acid works at the cellular level, and can improve glucose metabolism, which causes an increase in energy levels to allow the body to do physical work. Skin cells are Image result for yoga 3drejuvenated with its use where firmness and elasticity are maintained.

Treating our Body like a Temple

Our body is a vessel that should be treated with as much care as possible, but the world we live in today can make this task nearly impossible. There are toxins everywhere in the environment more than ever, and our lifestyle and food choices can make the difference between being and feeling healthy versus feeling sick and having some type of disease. Although everyone does get sick every once in a while, we are able to sprint back because of our immune system. When our immunity is weakened or when we have built up an excess amount of toxins over the years, we are slowly unable to fight off what can make us ill. Our bodies are normally designed to heal and detox on our own, but when we lack the proper amount of sleep, expose ourselves to radiation and eat the wrong foods, we are prone to developing disease. The best way to take the best care of ourselves is to eliminate as much toxic substances as possible from entering our body, and this can be done by incorporating as natural of a lifestyle as possible and detoxing.

Victory over Defeat with Amber 

Harmful synthetic drugs can hinder our internal ability to fight off an array of diseases. Avoiding them whenever possible using natural products whenever possible can prevent us from becoming sick. When an illness or disease occurs, we can still do something about the ailment. Baltic Essentials Amber is a natural source. When a person suffers from a disease, the body’s function is out of whack. Amber allows the body to calm down and restore lost balance while clearing what is toxic. It can be used on babies, teens, and older adults without having to worry about side effects because it is completely natural. Babies, in particular, should have the necklace removed at night or any time they are unsupervised. Baltic Essentials provides 100% authentic amber so you can receive the full benefits in reducing pain.

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