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Baltic Essentials Wholesale and Dropship Program

Abby Logiste

Meet Lucy.


Lucy is a hard working mom who stays at home with her newborn baby.
Lucy wanted to find a way to earn an extra $400 per month.
Lucy bought a 10-pack starter kit for only $175 and free shipping.
Lucy took gorgeous photos of the necklaces on her baby.  


What Lucy Did to Help Herself 

She posted the photos to her personal website and she immediately sold 20 necklaces for $600! Lucy collected the funds through paypal. She then logged into the wholesale buyers site and drop shipped the necklace (she only pays wholesale cost plus shipping. We pick and pack each necklace, shipping them directly to her customers!) AND, Lucy still had her 10 original necklaces which she took to her moms group and sold for $300. 

Lucy's total profit was $425.00. Armed with her photos, Lucy posted to a local buy sell trade group and repeated the entire process.  Not only that, Lucy had 3 moms interested in selling as well. She gave them her referral coupon code and earned $15 for each of them who signed up!

Want to be like Lucy? While Lucy is not her real name, the story is accurate and the income potential is real! Lucy is an associate at Baltic Essentials. Click here to become one too.

Want to get started with NOTHING out of pocket? Become an affiliate and refer your friends using your unique sign up link!

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  • Kitara on

    I would love to become a distributor, how might I go about doing so?

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