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Benefits of Amber in Our Home

Gabriella Diesendorf amber health home decor immunity lapis lazuli wood wool rugs

Since the well-being of our family is our number one priority, it’s natural that we’ll do anything to ensure it. Our home is the place where we can arrange everything to suit us. The same way as we tend to improve the quality of our family’s lifestyle with nutritious diet and healthy fun-filled activities, we also want to create a pleasant atmosphere by upgrading the décor of our homes. One thing that can significantly boost the energy and aesthetics of your interior is definitely amber.

What is amber?

Although it’s commonly known as amber stone, it is actually a tree resin which is fossilized and has undergone various temperature and pressure changes, over several thousands of years. It isn’t just a precious stone, but it has been popular throughout the ages not only for its exquisite beauty, but also for its therapeutic and protective properties.

The same way the tree resin serves to protect the tree and mend it in case of an injury, amber has the exact same beneficial properties for people. It’s scientifically proved that it contains a small percentage of succinic acid, which can improve the human immune system significantly.

Here are several ways in which we can benefit from amber in our homes:

Teething children

As we all know, when baby’s first teeth are growing, it is a painful process both for them and the parents. Necklaces made of Baltic amber (which is considered to be of the finest quality) have been found to successfully alleviate the children’s pain and improve the overall mood during teething period. Wearing amber has a soothing effect on the youngest, and helps in mending the potential injury. Keep in mind that it must be removed during the night for the danger of children swallowing them. 

When it comes to amber, the trick is to always keep it in contact with skin. Since most of the aforementioned acid is contained in the external layers of the stone, the body’s warmth stimulates its release, so the body then absorbs this natural antibiotic, which creates the protection.

Female problems

During that time of the month most of us ladies feel out of place, and many women experience extreme menstrual pains, usually followed by pain in the muscles and bones, as well as headaches or migraines. Amber oil can be of great help for this monthly trouble, and it can be easily found on the market, usually combined with some pleasant smelling essential oils. Lapis lazuli is also one of the most favorite choices, being great for headaches.

Nature in the home

Most of the people nowadays turn to green and eco-friendly lifestyle, so amber can be used as a useful decoration. You can have the nature-based home arrangement easily by including some amber, wood furniture, or wool floor rugs that match and complete the overall appearance of your interior. Amber figurines are both beautiful and useful addition to any home

amber figurines

Natural immunity

As said before, wearing amber can help us develop a better immune system in a completely natural way, without the use of various pills containing lab-made vitamins. Thanks to the wide variety of jewelry items, designs, and combinations that can be easily found and bought today, the stone can be worn by everybody: kids and adults, men and women. It’s also believed to be beneficial for the nervous system in terms of calming the nerves and lifting the mood.


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