The Benefits of Amber for Babies

By Abby Logiste
on June 29, 2018

Benefits of Amber for Babies

Is Amber Safe for my Baby?

Babies can experience extreme discomfort when they begin to sprout and may begin to become fussy and cry. Baltic Essentials Amber provides natural teething pain relief for babies. The same goes for easing pain related to earaches and a sore throat. The succinic acid within the beads are released to the bloodstream when it is worn on the skin as it provides immense anti-inflammatory properties that is perfect for treating tender gums.  The sedative-like effect of amber allows your baby to be free from teething pain as it treats the swelling. Other problems like drooling and redness can also be alleviated in babies and toddlers as it promotes a better, and well-rested sleep. Another benefit of amber helps alleviate stress in babies as it wards away negative energy. Drooling is reduced because amber helps stimulate the thyroid gland. Kids experience speedier healing and recovery time when they are sick as it builds the immune system.  Children often feel better within half an hour of wearing the necklace. Baltic Essentials Amber is dubbed as the no fuss alternative for teething for these reasons and because it is simpler.

So, Is Amber Safe for my Baby?

The answer is Yes! Baltic Amber, when used according to the safety instructions is a safe necessity for babies.  

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Smile Approved Natural Teething Remedies

By Abby Logiste
on April 13, 2018

Smile Approved Natural Teething Remedies

The Teeth Come Marching One by One

Once baby teeth start appearing there is always that 50/50 chance it will be an unpleasant experience to deal with for the child and the parents. There are moments it may feel as if the grueling episode is temporary, but just when you think it's over, another set of teeth remind you the process is only just the beginning for the rest to come. There are probably not many of us who remember this phase in our lives, but parents always try to decode how their child is feeling when verbal expressions are limited. Fortunately, a variety of options are available to parents who want to help their child through the process by easing the teething pain. Try out these options with your child who is going through the teething phase.

  1. Herbs: The great thing about herbs is that they are natural, but you should research which do not cause a reaction in young children by keeping age Related imageinto consideration. A few to try out include passionflower, chamomile clove, and lavender oil. These have been found to be safe for treating extreme discomfort, but remember to dilute the essential oils prior to use. Always check with a medical provider before giving ANYTHING to babies orally, ages  two and under!
  1. Yes, It's OK to Let Them Chew Things: As long as there are no signs of redness or infection, chewing on things can a relieving thing for the child to do. Natural rubber teething toys that are safe and non-toxic could be Image result for baby teething washclothan option as well as silicone feeders you can fill with their favorite frozen fruit. A cold washcloth dipped in water or chamomile tea for them to suck or bite on can help ease discomfort too.


  1. Baltic Amber Teething Necklace: One of the best, safe, and natural methods to help your little one through the teething process is by getting a Baltic Essentials Baltic Amber Teething Necklace. The best thing about the necklace is no effort has to be made for it to work because the only thing that has to be done is have them wear it. When the jewelry is worn and warmed by the body, the beads release an oil, called succinic acid, directly to the blood. Amber is a natural anti-inflammatory agent as well as an analgesic Raw UnPolished Lemon Flower Baltic Amber Necklace For Baby, Infant, Toddler, Big Kid.and it works by fighting inflamed, red gums and eases teething pain without having to worry about any side effects. In addition of reducing teething pain, Baltic Essentials Amber Teething Necklace can ease irritability, fever, and drooling along with ear and throat inflammation associated with teething. Results can be seen in as little as an hour, and it can be worn all day to ensure you have a happy baby. You should remove the necklace during times you aren't supervising your child and when they are sleeping during the night. 

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Make Teething Pain a Thing of the Past

By Abby Logiste
on March 23, 2018

Make Teething Pain a Thing of the Past

The Process of Getting Teeth

While many people parents are aware that their babies will gain teeth, a handful of them are not sure of an approximate time or understand the signs of symptoms of discomfort due to the teeth growing in and may associate it with something else. Having insight in both situations allow moms and dads to have the upper hand as it can help facilitate and make the teething process easier. Most babies will start to show signs of teeth by the time they reach six months of age, but there are early and late developers who may have teething signs as early as three months or as late as their first birthday. Overall, the lower central incisors are the first to show (between 4-6 months) followed by the upper central incisors (around 8 months). The lateral incisors appear around 9-12 months of age. Finally, the first molars, canines, and second molars make way at 14 months, 18 months, and 24 months, respectively. Understanding this range ensures parents know all babies are unique in their development pace. Nonetheless, by the time your baby is three, they will have their entire set of primary teeth and ready to eat just about anything like an adult.

Give-Away Signs Your Kid is Teething

Whether you are having your first child or your forth child, any parent can unveil signs their kid is teething so long as they look for the right signs: 

  • Tooth visibly peeking beneath the gum
  • Extensive drooling that may be accompanied with a facial rash
  • Irritable or overly fussy
  • Swollen or bulging gums red or sensitive to the touch
  • Chin and face rubbing along with ear tugging (these areas share nerve pathways)
  • Sucking, gnawing, or chewing
  • Reduced appetite or desire to eat
  • Inability to fall and remain asleep

Parents may confuse fever and diarrhea as additional signs of teething, but there is actually no evidence that links either with teething in pediatrics. In many cases, diarrhea may occur because while the child is teething they are putting anything and everything in their mouth to ease the discomfort. This causes an array of bacteria to enter the body and irritate the gastrointestinal system and put the body in fight mode to kill off the bacteria, later resulting in increased temperature.

Giving Your Baby Comfort

It can be tough for your baby to want to do the basics, such as eating and sleeping, when they are teething. As annoying as it may be, teething is a natural process that becomes more of a discomfort when the tooth is irritated so the goal is to allow the tooth grow without the infant disturbing it. It may sound as if it is easier said than done, but Baltic Essentials Amber can help ease teething pain in babies naturally. It is made from fossilized tree resin that provided anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties to the body when the beads are warmed over the skin. These substances head directly to the bloodstream to help ease pain, redness, and reduce swelling, all of which accompany teething. Amber is a great option for parents looking to help their child get rid of teething pain without having to resort to drugs. Keep in mind that the beads are meant to be worn, and not chewed on by kids. Also, the necklace should be removed at night when babies go to sleep and worn when they are supervised.

Let Amber be Everything You Need for Your Baby

By Abby Logiste
on February 21, 2018

Let Amber be Everything You Need for Your Baby

Using Amber on Babies

Amber, made from the resin of trees, has been used for hundreds of years as a natural way to help with ailments and pain generation after generation. Age is not a factor involved as infants are able to wear them to receive the benefits without having to worry about side effects. No one likes to see their baby in discomfort, but there are many factors that play into what can and cannot be given to them Image result for happy baby because of that as there is an extremely narrow margin between therapeutic and toxic responses with drugs. Parents should opt for using natural options for their kids as much as possible to avoid ingredients that can be harmful. While it is lightweight, attractive, and comfortable to wear, Amber continues to be used by millions to this day for themselves and for their children because of the calming yet powerful properties it has and serves as the perfect drug-free alternative for an array of issues. Here are a few baby things Baltic Essentials Amber can provide for your baby: 

  • Increase energy
  • Reduce fever/colds
  • Stop droolingImage result for happy baby
  • Boost the immune system
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Alleviating teething and pain 
  • Natural pain reliever
  • Has a calming effect
  • Reduction of Fever
  • Increased Sleep

Keep Your Kids Safe 

Baltic Essentials sells authentic, pure Amber that is handcrafted into a bracelet or necklace. The strings are knotted by head between every bead to ensure security. If there is such an event where the jewelry breaks, the beads do not scatter around the place because of this adhesion and added the screw clasp. The beads, after being warmed from the skin, release beneficial oils into the bloodstream. Babies love to play with just about everything and put it in their mouth (although there is the potential of the benefits weakening), so it is good to monitor them to ensure they are not chewing the Amber. The wonderful thing about the necklace is it works without effort once it is worn.  Baltic Amber Necklace - 12.5 Inch Baltic Amber Teething Necklace Basic Polish Raw Baby Toddler

Baltic Essentials Amber should also be removed during naps and sleep time and may be placed back on after your child is up. It is also advised to watch your kids when they do have it on and inspect the beads for any signs of tear. Although it is possible to see results in your baby in as little as thirty minutes, the time it takes to notice a difference does range. It may take some time to see the results but allowing your child to wear amber frequently ensure a buildup in the beneficial properties where a difference can be seen in time.

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Excessive Drooling Days in Babies are Over

By Abby Logiste
on October 23, 2017

Treat Excessive Drooling Naturally

When You Realize There's too Much Drool

Kids are bound to drool  every once in a while and it is nothing to worry over. Still, when you notice they are drooling more than normal, determining the cause is the real way to treat the problem. By the time a child is two, they should be able to have better motor control of their mouth and, for the most part, stop drooling. Nonetheless, there are a number of reasons that could potentially delay this even early on and explain why your baby may appear be "a little too hydrated." Take a look at these common causes for possible reasons your baby may be drooling excessively:Image result for baby drooling excessively

Teething: Teething is not only a culprit that can cause drooling, it can also make the child feel pain. If your child seems to be crying more than usual and not sleeping or eating well, it is possible a painful teething experience occurring.  

Sinus Infections and Allergies: Being sick can cause toddlers to drool more, especially because keeping the mouth is a secondary way to help them breath when the nasal airway is blocked.

Sore Throat: Most of us can agree that when we have a sore throat, it is difficult to swallow. It is the same scenario for kids, except they may take it to more of an extreme and not swallow. Chills, fever, and pain are the likely trio to arise.

Tonsillitis: It can develop as a complication of strep throat and should be something to look out for, but it is a stand-alone inflammation issue too that can increase the amount of drooling.

Peritonsillar Abscess: This is complication of tonsillitis where the infection (a collection of pus)  begins to travel beyond the tonsils, infecting the mucosa and peritonsillar space by way of the salivary ducts.   

Keeping Your Child as Comfortable as Possible

Once saliva is being produced by the masses, your child's cheeks and lips may be prone to sensitivity. This can cause the areas to become red and irritated contributing more to the sensation of pain. Allowing them to sleep in a pool of the wet secretions at night have the same effect.This can cause babies to cry even more as they attempt to wipe the drool away, potentionally injuring their skin in the process. A soft cloth or damp cloth is best wipe away the saliva throughout the day in these situations. It also helps to place an absorbent pad on the bed to draw up the excess moisture and change the sheets whenever possible during the night. If your baby is droolingImage result for baby in pain
due to a sore throat, keeping a cool mist humidifier in the room can work wonders. Although they may not want to drink, it is important to keep your child hydrated by offering them cold water or diluted juice between meals. The cool drink is soothing to the throat. 

Stop the Crazy Drooling

It is important to always monitor your little one to make sure the drooling does not indicate something worse that has to be evaluated by a professional if it does turn out to be a serious illness. When the excessive secretions are caused by less problematic issues such as teething and mild cold infections, it can be treated with remedies. Baltic Essentials Amber and Hazelwood can treat excessive drooling in babies naturally while providing other beneficial properties properties. Baltic Amber has amazing analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that help treat pain and inflammation caused by infections, colds and allergies while reducing the redness and swelling. Hazelwood provides a calming effect that can help your child relax, boost the immune system, balance the pH of the body, and reduce the free radicals. The combination of Amber and Hazelwood allow your baby to feel better and relieve symptoms as it works within the body to heal the problem and end the drooling.

Baby Hazelwood Necklace - 11 Or 12.5 Inch Hazelwood Necklace Eczema Colic Reflux GERD Newborn Infant, Baby, Toddler Baltic Amber Rainbow For Inflammation Teething Pain, Drooling, Fever.

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