The Best Essentials Oils for Insomnia

By Kristen M. Miller
on June 07, 2016

Treat Insomnia with Essential Oils

Do you get enough sleep?

Sleep is the one thing we spend about one-third of our lives doing, but rarely think about- unless you can’t sleep. The Centers of Disease Control recommend the average adult get around 8 hours of sleep per night, but about 30% of adults report getting less than 6 hours.  Sleep is essential to life.  Not only does getting a good night’s sleep help you feel more alert and energized, but it is also the time when your body does its “routine maintenance” of hormone release and cell repair. In fact, a person can actually die of sleep deprivation faster than they can of food starvation!

Not getting enough sleep can have dire consequences for your health and performance. Those who consistently do not get enough good sleep are far more likely to have a poor immune system, heart problems, diabetes, weight gain, bone loss and depression because rest affects every physiologic function of the body.  In addition, being sleep deprived makes a person much more likely to have an accident by either falling asleep at the wheel or by impairing their ability to think quickly while driving.

What can you do?

There are several things one can do to encourage a good environment for healthy sleep, like keeping the bedroom dark and quiet, not using electronics right before bed (the bright screen is too stimulating), and avoiding caffeine several hours before bedtime. One thing people generally overlook is the power of essential oils to encourage deep, restful sleep. Herbalists and healers have been using plants since ancient times for any number of remedies, but the ancient Egyptians were the first to distill parts of plants into potent essential oils.  Here are 5 of the best essential oils to help you get a good nights’ sleep:

Lavender Oil- Lavender is a good multi-purpose herb that is commonly used for rest and relaxation.

Roman Chamomile Oil- Chamomile is another multi-purpose herb that reduces anxiety which can interrupt sleep patterns.

Clary Sage Oil- Clary Sage is most commonly used for balancing hormones and relaxing muscles.

Neroli Oil- Neroli oil comes from orange blossoms and its sweet, relaxing scent is the base for many perfumes.

Vetiver Oil- Vetiver oil comes from the root of the grass-like vetiver plant native to India, and its rich, earthy scent is used to help one feel more grounded.

The best and safest way to use essential oils for sleep is by using a diffuser from that mixes the oils with a fine steam mist. Simply place the diffuser on the nightstand, add some water and a few drops of oil and drift off to dreamland. Not only can the essential oils create a good environment for falling asleep, they can help you stay asleep as well so that you can be 100% rested the whole night through.

Benefits of Essential Oils with a Tree of Life Diffuser Necklace

By Mary Baltic Essentials
on April 21, 2016

Essential Oil Benefits

Health and Wellness: Using Essential Oils

Oils for health and wellness are becoming extremely popular in the 21st century, however they have been used for medicinal and wellness purpose as well as for fragrance for ages!  Essentially (pardon the pun), they are used for just about everything most of us have heard of or used it -- common essentials oils people are familiar with are of lavender or eucalyptus.  Out of the various essential oils available, lavender and eucalyptus are the only two that have a beautiful strong scent. Lavender has more of a calming floral fragrance while and eucalyptus has a sweet, rich scent.  Sometimes the two oils are blended because they complement one another. 

It Can Improve Mental Health & More

Essential oils are also have a calming effect and can be used for stress, ADD, ADHD, PTSD, anxiety, and depression. Many essential oils are used directly for other medical issues that aren’t mental related illnesses too.  As some of us know, relieving stress in itself is powerful because it can improve illnesses. Inadvertently, you are alleviating other medical complications or symptoms while using essential oils. 

How Do I use Essential Oils?

It is important to remember that essential oils must be diluted before use. Carrier oils, such as olive oil, and teas, such as chamomile, are just as beneficial for achieving overall health and wellness.After you do, you can utilize them in all kinds of ways -- using an oil diffuser or wearing jewelry around your neck which can act as a mini diffuser. You can also dab the oil directly on your neck, arms, legs, back, anywhere you want smell it clearly. Keep in mind, you don’t want to overdo it as sometimes there can be a mild allergic reaction; it is always best to do a patch test first on an area. If you do have a severe reaction, you should either dilute it more or choose another essential oil in the same category (the benefits). 

Tea Tree, Lemon, Chamomile and Lavender

There are so many different reasons to utilize essential oils. It is unbelievable how many oils are out there for just about any kind of purpose you would use it for.  Lemon oil and tea tree oil are great disinfectants for cleansing. Tea tree oil is a great healer and has a strong smell like lemon oil. These essential oils do wonders on the skin and hair; however, you should never attempt drinking it.  Tea tree and Lemon oil are great mosquito repellents.  Lavender and chamomile essential oil have a calming effect, and are great for headaches and relaxation.  Chamomile, in particular, is adorned as a tea to drink before sleep.  Lavender typically comes in pill forms (although you can find the oil anywhere), and is often mixed with a chamomile supplement.   

Clove Oil & Pain

One of my favorites is clove oil and has extreme antiseptic properties and smells like gumdrops. It is great for pain after dental surgery.  Once you discover this you will be able to use this for many things.  It is unbelievable.  You wouldn’t typically where this in jewelry however it does have a nice pungent scent a mini type of scent that would be nice around the holidays.

Essential Oil Jewelry: Locket Necklaces, Diffuse Your Favorite Oil

If you want to wear your oils, smell great and be relaxed while you work during the day or  tackle another job -- being a mom full-time or workaholic-- then you may want to invest in a locket. The Tree of Life Locket by Baltic Essentials is an oil diffuser where you are able to open the lock it and put in a sheet where you dab with your favorite essential oil.

The pads are washable, and it is suggested that you only utilize the same scent in the locket at any given time until it is washed so you’re able to smell it to its fullest fragrance. The Locket is easy to use and is extremely practical when you don’t want to douse yourself in colognes or other perfumes that might be too strong.

Add 3 to 6 drops of which ever essential oil you choose on the oil pad to get optimal fragrance and insert back into your locket. It is also recommend that you utilize the color friendly versions by selecting the corresponding essential oil.  For example: lavender and purple pads, eucalyptus and green, etc. 

You can purchase these awesome lockets at a discount rate when you use this coupon code: BALTIC15 for 15%


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