Mother's Day Gift

A Mother

For twenty years she watched her baby grow. From the first moment she laid eyes on that angelic face, she was in love with her baby. She treasured every coo, every laugh and every snuggle. She dutifully washed the bottles and changed her baby's diapers. She was always on the scene in the middle of the night, ready to rock her baby back to sleep when her little girl had trouble sleeping.

The baby grew. She grew, and she grew, and she grew until she was a toddler. And that mom was still in love with her baby’s chubby cheeks and grubby hands. The mom treasured every new discovery, every new milestone and every moment of wonder. She dutifully cut off the bread crusts “the right way” and cleaned up spilled juice, and was always ready to kiss away a boo-boo.

The toddler grew. She grew, and she grew, and she grew until she was in the fourth grade. That mom was still in love with her baby’s freckles and long ponytails. She treasured every report card, every homesick letter from summer camp and every night of the giggling girls sleeping over. She dutifully drove to dance practice and softball, and was always on hand to offer comfort when her daughter was sure “nobody liked her”.

The little girl grew. She grew and she grew and she grew until she was a teenager. And that mom was still in love with her baby’s big brown doe eyes and button nose. She treasured every driving lesson, every moment deciding over prom dresses and every school play. The mom dutifully sat through band concerts and basketball games, and was always ready with a listening ear when her daughter cried over a breakup.

The young lady grew. She grew, and she grew, and she grew until she was a young adult heading off to college. That mom was in love with her baby’s newfound sense of strength and independence and proud of her courage. Now that her baby had flown from the nest, the mom now had to take care of her own aging mother. She treasured every one of her daughter’s phone calls, visits and their shopping trips. She also dutifully set out her mother’s medications, cooked her meals and took her to doctor’s appointments.

Meanwhile that mom was going through a big change herself. Her joints ached and she had hot flashes that made her break into a sweat. She often felt irritable and tended to burst into tears over the smallest thing. Her body was changing right along beside her daughter’s, who was blooming into maturity, and her mother’s, who was declining with age. This new change was scary for the mom and she often felt anxious and stressed.

A Gift For Mom 

Thankfully though, there is the perfect thing to ease this mom’s transition into the next stage of womanhood, something that will help ease her aching body and balance her mood swings, as well as relieve her stress and anxiety. That thing is a beautiful Amethyst and Lemon necklace from Baltic Essentials.

How can a simple piece of jewelry give that mom the relief she needs? Traditionally, amethyst has been used by spiritual healers to relieve symptoms of PMS and menopause because of its unique energy vibrations and it is associated with the crown and third eye chakras, which are related to feelings of loneliness and sense of purpose- all of which are applicable to the empty nester mom. Right now the Amethyst and Lemon necklace is available from for 15% off with coupon code: MOMSDAY.

To her friends it might just look like a fashionable necklace, but mom will know that the power of amethyst is helping her make that life change gently by lessening her symptoms so that she can embrace the stage of life between caring for her child and caring for her mother. The necklace is a natural way to treat menopause, PMS, or pain a mother may have. After all that she’s done and because of everything she will do for her family, she deserves something special.