Controlling Fever in Babies

By Abby Logiste
on June 08, 2016

Heal Fevers in Babies

When your Baby Feels Feverish

When your infant feels ill, you will know it. They may have a tough time sleeping or wake up in the middle of the night crying or they lose their appetite. You immediately confirm your suspicions they are sick when they are hot to touch and you take their temperature.  At this point you are probably wondering if it is something you can treat yourself or have a doctor look at them. There are certain symptoms you want to look at when determining which that will restore your little one back to health safely.

Finding Out if A Fever is Not Serious

One thing to keep in mind is that fevers are a normal response to infections and cause the body to raise in temperature to fight it; rarely are they dangerous. It is important to know the exact temperature of your child:

  • Low grade fever is when your baby's temperature, in Fahrenheit, is at or over 100.5 (rectal), 99 degrees (axillary) or 99.5 degrees (oral). They are normally not something to worry about and are easy to treat.
  • Fevers that are between 101-103 degrees Fahrenheit are also not serious. If they are ill during the night, you can safely wait until the morning to get a doctor to look at them.
  • A high fever is classified as 104 or more degrees Fahrenheit. It is typically not serious only if the temperature quickly drops down to 100-101 while using treatment measures.

When You Should Call a Doctor

While most fevers can be treated right at home, it is critical to determine if your infant requires immediate medical care:

  • Babies that are 6 weeks and under with a fever of 101 or more are extremely ill and require medical care from a doctor as soon as possible. You should not administer any type of medication to your child at this point. Instead, if possible, inform your doctor of your child's rectal temperature.
  • Babies between 7 weeks to 3 months of age should also visit a doctor if their temperature is above 101 degrees Fahrenheit. If it is during the middle of the night, and the office opens in a few hours, you can safely wait to contact your doctor in the morning while you treat your baby. However, if that is not the case, you should get in contact with your doctor as soon as possible.
  • If your baby has a fever of 104 or more that will not go down after your attempts of treating them, visit a doctor. Another thing to watch out for is if your child shows signs of lethargy meaning they are limp,lifeless, and completely unresponsive.

If your baby is beyond fuzzy and are irritable they will cry for hours at a time, and it is hard to console them. Also, if your baby has meningitis (symptoms of vomiting, stiffneck or pain, high fever, headache), it is best to contact your doctor.

Treating Fever

Most fevers, especially low-grade, are safe enough for you to handle on your own without a doctor. It is a good sign when a baby has a fever because it shows their immune system is functional. The goal of treating fever is to treat your infant and relieve them of their symptoms rather than treat the fever itself.

 1 - Have them Drink Cool Liquids: 
Giving your child this will help them stay hydrated and help cool down the fever
 2 - Use a Cool Washcloth and Give Your Baby a Lukewarm Bath:
Doing this also help ease the fever down faster
 3- Keep the Area They Are In Warm:
Do not keep your child directly under a fan or blast the A/C too cold, it only worsens the fever.
 4 - You Can Give Them Medication:

Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen work as a pain reliever and reducer.


Easing Fever Naturally with Baltic Essentials Amber

We have come a long way with the treatment options we have available to help our babies get better when they are ill. There are numerous alternative routes a parent can choose to get their baby feeling better without the need of medication. You can also treat fever naturally by using Baltic Essentials Amber Necklaces. It is able to control many symptoms associated with fever including swelling, drooling, teething, red cheeks, swollen gums, irritability, and more. Baltic amber is a completely organic substance made of fossil resin that transfers from the necklace to the bloodstream. The attractive necklace is not only for looks; it will help get your baby get back to normal in no time. The Baltic Essentials Amber may be worn any day, every day by the baby, but it should be taken off during naps or other times your baby is sleeping unsupervised. 

Treat the Common Cold Fast in Kids with Baltic Amber

By Abby Logiste
on October 17, 2015

Heal Common Cold with Amber

How does the Baltic amber beads work?

Baltic amber is a traditional homeopathic product that have been used for centuries. They are made in into beads and formed into necklaces or bracelets, and they are lightweight, beautiful, comfortable, and radiant to wear. Time and time again they are proven to provide a variety of health benefits to children as well as adults. The beads come in raw or polished finishing. The raw beads are just untouched and unpolished beads whereas the polished beads are machine polished. 

Baltic Essentials Amber Beads are possess anti-inflammation properties that are derived from the succinic acid (which is the primary substance of Baltic amber). Moreover, when the beads are worn by children or adults, the healing, homeopathic oil are transferred from the beads to the body where it will act as a healing agent. These natural, chemical free properties makes Baltic amber an ideal product to be used in children.

How Baltic amber helps in child to fight with common cold?

Baltic amber improves and accelerates the immune system. While a child is still growing, so is their immune system, so they are likely to catch the common cold easy. Your child being sick is not bad in the sense it lets you know their body is creating the antibodies it needs to fight infections in the future. The benefit that Baltic Essentials Amber gives is that it accelerates the overall healing process, and helps children fight the common cold faster. It is also proven to ease the throat, stomach and ear infections caused by common cold or fever. 

What are the other health benefits of Baltic amber in children?

Amber may also be used to treat gum inflammation by getting rid of the swelling and reduce teeth pain. Sometimes child can have red cheeks and inflated gums as their gums are very sensitive. Baltic amber works in soothing any discomfort as it is a natural analgesic. The most fruitful benefits your child will receive when using Baltic Essentials Amber is that it will give peaceful calming feeling for them without the use of harmful drugs.

Are Baltic beads safe for babies?

Each jewelry is made of handmade natural amber beads and they are polished and finished in such a way that they fall comfortably within the baby skin. We take care of the comfort of the baby so that they do not provide any discomfort. Baltic Essentials ensures each bead is fixed in such a way that even if when one of the beads break others will not scatter.

You can be happy knowing you are able to improve your child's health the natural way without using having to continually treat them with medication. Researchers have proved that when Amber is used in children at an early age, they get improved health benefits.
It may seem that the beads are distracting to your little one initially, but later on they will pay less attention to it or chew it once they are accustomed to wearing it. No harm will come to your baby when you use Baltic Amber; however, remember to remove necklaces when your baby is sleeping or are unsupervised for a long time. When buying an amber necklace, be sure get organic, genuine amber from a reputable source. Baltic is a Dallas based company providing an authenticity guarantee. They certify each necklace is true Baltic Amber or your money back.

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