Yoga and Healing Gemstones for Graceful Aging

We’re all aware how fast paced today’s life is and all it takes is a blink of an eye and suddenly we’re surrounded by grandkids, living in a nursing home wondering when we will leave this world. But why do we fear old age? There are so many cosmetic ads and philosophies out there telling us how to avoid getting old, but we should be grateful for having a long, eventful life. All those scars, wrinkles and curves on our bodies tell a story of how we lived our lives. So, instead of trying to slow the process of aging, why not simply accept it gracefully and do our best to enjoy the years we have in front of us. Try leading a healthy life by eating properly, doing exercises, surrounding yourself with positive energy and soon you’ll realize how beautiful every stage of life is.

Yoga benefits for aging gracefully

While I realize how important exercising and keeping fit is, I have never been that person who goes to the gym three times a week or loves to go running every morning, so I tried doing yoga and discovered it’s perfect for me. And the great thing about yoga is that you don’t have to be a fit twenty-year-old; instead, all you need is to be patient and give it time. As a matter of fact, yoga is one of the few physical activity where you become better at it with age. The longer you practice it, the more agile and more flexible you become. So, as you get older and keep practicing yoga, it actually becomes easier to do it. When we practice yoga, we actually get to know our bodies. We learn what we need, what feels good, so our bodies and our minds get to evolve in a way, and this, in the end, helps us accept our bodies and the fact that we’re growing older.

How does nature help

As we mature, we become aware how precious life is ‒ it’s not just about being alive but how we lead that life as well. We are aware of the pollution and how difficult it is to find that one place where we can breathe fresh air and eat food with absolutely no toxins in it. Our bodies need clean air, fresh water, and nutritious food. However, there are other materials, such as precious gemstones and powerful crystals, which can help out our bodies as well. My grandmother is the one who taught me how beneficial yoga is, but she also introduced me to healing properties of gemstones. Even these days, when she’s spending her days at a place for people over 55 living out her days in peace and quiet, she’s surrounded with precious gemstones and she still practices yoga daily, happily embracing her age.


What do gemstones do

Nature gave us so many gifts including precious gemstones, minerals and crystals. Before you decide which gemstone you want to have near you, you should learn about different gemstones and their benefits. Your decision depends on what you need help with or which illness you want to prevent. For example, we all face depression at some point in life, but it’s much harder to face it as we become older because there is that inevitable fear of being purposeless. Fortunately, there are many gemstones that help alleviate depression and these are amazonite, citrine, jet, lapis lazuli, peridot and turquoise. Not only do these help fight depression, but they also help reduce anxiety, boost confidence and concentration, and help with anger. However, gemstones don’t only help our minds, they can also help alleviate physical discomforts and even prevent certain illnesses. For example, amethyst, bronzite and fluorite help our skin and chrysoprase prevents high blood pressure.

These are just some of the healing properties of precious gemstones, among so many. Try to incorporate yoga into your everyday life to find balance and try wearing a gemstone to find piece. Instead of fearing your maturity and old age, face it with grace, embrace it, and be happy for the knowledge and wisdom you’ve gained during your life.