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Adult Baltic Essentials Wholesale Associate 10-Pack Bracelets

Baltic Essentials

$ 280.00 USD

We are excited for you to purchase in bulk as an associate. Use coupon: ASSOCIATE at checkout.

Your Associate pack will come equipped with 10 Baltic Amber Adult Bracelets. 6 will be from the raw & polished collection, 1 from the flower selection, and 3 from the semi-precious line.

Bracelets will be a mix of 6.5" and 7.5", our most popular sizes.

***Please note that due to high demand, we are unable to customize this pack.

Interested in our $0 Startup Plan?
Our Affiliates make 10% on each referral purchase with NO money out of pocket and no inventory to store!
You CANNOT be both an affiliate and a Wholesale/Drop-Shipper!

Prefer to Sell Essentials Oil Diffuser Necklaces instead?

For listing products online at major retailers - Baltic Essentials does carry a full line of products at major retailers. We ask however, that you do not sell under our listings. If you are undercutting our prices by selling online, your account privileges will be terminated.

You may purchase from our large variety of Baltic Amber & Hazelwood:
11 inches is typically newborn through 11 months
12.5 inches is typically 5 months through 5 years
14 / 15 inches are typically our pre-teen and teen sizes
16-21+ inches are our adult sizes
Our essential oil diffuser and diffuser necklace line as well as our Dog and Cat collars for fleas and ticks

Each bracelet will come with a tag that has our certificate of authenticy, ready to display at your store.