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Hazelwood Bracelet - 7 Inch Hazelwood Bracelet Eczema Gluten Intolerances Acid Reflux Heart Burn Purple Amethyst For Pre-Teen, Teen, Adult

7.5" in Hazelwood Bracelet Eczema gluten intolerances reflux Amethyst

Baltic Essentials

$ 28.00 USD

7.5" in Hazelwood Bracelet Eczema gluten intolerances reflux Amethyst - 7.5 Amethyst Hazelwood Stretch is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

7 - 7.5  inch Hazelwood Bracelet Eczema gluten intolerance acid reflux heart burn Purple Amethyst for Pre-Teen, Teen, Adult

Hazelwood: buy as close to the size match as possible as Hazelwood will need to be replaced every 3-12 months, depending on the unique acidity level of the individual. Amber, you can buy a big large if you'd like (not too big) as it will last a lifetime!

* Hazelwood: acid reflux, ulcers, heart burn, vomiting, stomach issues, gluten intolerances, & eczema.

* Amethyst: relieves stress and strain, soothes irritability, balances mood swings, dispels anger, rage, fear and anxiety. Alleviates sadness and grief, and dissolves negativity.

What is Hazelwood?
Hazelwood works by creating a more alkaline environment in your body through direct contact with your skin, which may help to prevent and remedy many of the symptoms caused by acidosis (being too acidic) and by reducing free-radicals by having a high antioxidant effect through your pores. The wood absorbs excess acidity from your body until a balanced PH is reached. This has the potential to improve conditions caused by excess acidity, which can include skin issues such as eczema, internal gut issues such as ulcers, acid reflux, GERD, and heartburn.

Bracelets are not to chew on. The hazelwood is worn as a necklace on the child. Bracelets should be removed during naps, when unsupervised, during bath, and pool.