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Baltic Essentials Baltic Amber Gift Cards for Baby Shower, New Mom

$ 5.00 USD

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Baltic Essentials Baltic Amber Gift Cards for Baby Shower, New Mom, or just a dear friend! Necklace, Bracelet, Diffuser, Diffuser pendant necklace, Dog collar

Gift cards make the perfect gift for someone special.

Gift the opportunity for a new mom to purchase a necklace for her baby
For a new dad to pick matching daddy and me necklaces
For a doggy mom or dad to buy a dog collar for flea and tick prevention for their doggie pup
For your oily friend to get that special diffuser or diffuser pendant necklace
For a baby shower
For a Christmas gift 

And more...

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Sized to fit:


5.5 Inches: fit most babies on the ankle until around 8-10 months and on the wrist until around 5 years.

6.5 Inches - 9 Inches: for Adults.


11 Inches: fit most newborns through 11 months

12.5 Inches: fit most 5 months through 5 years

14 Inches: fit most 5 years through 12 years

15 Inches: fit most 9 years through 17 years

17-22 Inches: fit most Teen through Adult

To measure, use a string to the desired length and add about .75 - 1 Inch. For babies, put 3 fingers inside the string to get a snug fit. Actual size may vary .5 Inches +/- from listed size.