All Natural 100% SAFE for Baby! Teething Pain, Fever, Red Cheeks, Drool GONE in 30 Minutes! Arthritis Pain, Carpal Tunnel, Migraine, Sciatica -Reduce Pain Naturally!
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Amber For Babies

Do you know a child who can benefit from Baltic Essentials Amber (teething, upcoming surgery, chronic pain, growing pains, muscular pains, genetic disorders causing pain, general unknown pain, fever, common colds)?
Tell us their story when you enter to WIN a Baltic Essentials Amber Necklace for them
Baltic Essentials Amber Necklaces are made from an all natural tree resin, that is organic and from the earth. It contains succinate acid that is an all natural anti-inflammatory for many common ailments. Worn by babies, toddlers, teens, and adults, to help with various pains, naturally. Nominate a deserving child to win this beautiful necklace, OF THEIR choice. What is deserving? Any child who is in pain and does not have a Baltic Essentials necklace - either because they have never heard of Baltic Essentials, they do not have the resources to afford a Baltic Essentials Amber necklace, or they have other reasons. Deserving is a broad term so we like to believe every child DESERVES a Baltic Essentials Necklace.
Alternatively, Baltic Essentials Hazelwood for small and large tummy issues; GERD, silent reflux, acid reflux, eczema, tummy pain, food sensitivities, heart burn, ulcers and more. Hazelwood absorbs the extra acidity from the body and reduces pain caused by these symptoms.
Lastly Semi-Precious Gemstones. Either added to amber or hazelwood, Pink Rose Quartz aids in sadness, Amethyst aids in anger & stress. Black onyx & Blue Lapis Lazuli aids in stress, anxiety, and ADHD. Turquoise helps purify the air and detoxify the system. And more.
One lucky winner will have their custom necklace choice JUST for them.
To enter follow this link, there are some daily entries as well. Share this page for additional chances to win. Ask your friends and families to submit your child's name by tagging them in your posts!  GOOD LUCK!