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Pain Free in 30 Minutes or Your Money Back!!!


a Rafflecopter giveaway
Prizes include: $30 to spend at our store
& $15 value Antique style Essential Oil Diffuser necklace

Jamie Sherwood & Holly Funk were our May 26, 2017 winners!
Salena Watrud & Sunshine Brown are our May 4, 2017 winners!
Desiree Hill & Renee are our 4/12/17 winners!
Alyssa Deneef & Salena Watrud are our 3/30/2017 winners!
 Sarah Boisen & Whitney Jordan are our 3/16/2017 winners!
Melissa Najlis-Frazzini & Laura Mentzer-Kraemer are our 2/23/2017 winners!
Kelly Kennedy & Natasha St. Peter Abbott are the 2/9/2017 winners!
Victoria Montoya & Kristen Ruel are the 1/24/2017 winners!
Kaytie Czaplicki & Julie Barnhart are the 1/11/2017 winners!

Gina Cross & Summer Schmidgall are our 12/28/2016 winners!
Veronica Bohan playing for Lasrach and Alisha Rexrode playing for Kensley are our 'Need an Amber' winners for 12/124/2016!!
Autumn Stephens, Katelyn Martin, & Myles N Cynthia Chapman are the winners for 12/14/2016
Ashleigh Johnson & Kristen Ruel are our winners for 12/1/2016
Kimberly Vangorder & Heather Prew are our winners for 11/17/2016
Alishia Rexrode & Moulton Tiffany are the winners for 11/2/2016
TJ Toni Miller & Yulanda Hopson are the winners for 10/17/2016
Judith Smith & Erika McCormick are the winners for 10/5/2016
Miranda Quinonez & Cassie Huber are the winners for 9/21/2016
Candace Estey & Chris N Holly Weikle are the winners for 9/5/2016
Courtney Stevenson & Juli Molley are the winners for 8/24/2016
Nicole Erikson & Magen Clarke are the winners for 8/3/2016
JoJo Husband & Jodi Armstrong are the winners for 7/19/2016
Grace Dallin & 
Stephanie Cadiero are the winners for 7/7/2016
Stephanie McNeal & Gwen Geiss are the winners for 6/22/2016
Jennifer Martin & Rebecca are the winners for 6/8/2016
Tabitha Wheeler & Charlene Wakefield are the winners for 5/26/2016
Heather Wright & Anne Marie Carter are the winners for 5/5/2016
Maribel Ortiz & Brenna Cordner were our 4/21/2016 winners.
Victoria Butler & Brandi Dove were our 4/6/2016 winners.
Liz Mexia & Kayli Martinez were our 3/23/2016 winners.
Nicci M. & Briana F. were our 3/10/2016 winners.
Karisa Good & Jessica Younger were our 2/26/2016 winners.
Christi Bailey & Andrea Flores were our 2/10/2016 winners.