Sizing - How to Measure

Baby bracelets are approx. 5.5" to 6"
Adult bracelets are 6.5", 7.5", 8", and 9".
We also have adjustable bracelets and anklets as large as 11"
Newborns normally fit 11" up to 1 year.
5 months - 5 years fit 12.5" on average.
5 years - 9 years fit 14" on average.
Teens fit 15" - 16"
Adults fit 16" - 22"
How to measure: Taking a string, measure the neck. For babies, take an exact measurement with 2-3 fingers in. Then add .75" for the clasp.

Babies necklaces should fit snug (not tight) to the neck.
To measure for a bracelet, just do a true measurement + .5-.75".
Over the age of 3, put the string where you want the necklace to be and measure. Then add .75" - 1" for the clasp.
The sizes mentioned above are only a recommendation based on average sizes. Always measure if unsure!

This is the "Size" of the necklace or bracelet you will need. Visit our collections page to search by size. If you do not see your size, go to the next size up. If you need a custom item, email us: or message us with the size and necklaces needed. We'll let you know which size we have that will fit!