ADHD Acid Reflux 16 17 19 22 Hazelwood Eczema Necklace Adult Lapis Lazuli

$ 40.00 USD

Anxiety, Stress, ADHD, and depression. colic, acid reflux, vomiting, stomach issues, GERD, & eczema

Necklaces are available in 16, 17, 19, 22 inches for adult.

* Lapis Lazuli aids in stress, anxiety, and ADHD (February, March, November, December, Birthstones - Zodiac Pisces, Sagittarius)

* Hazelwood is specific in GUT areas; eczema, tummy ache, acid reflux, ulcers, vomiting, and heart burn. colic, vomiting, GERD, ulcers. May also help with migraines.

What is Hazelwood?
Hazelwood works by creating a more alkaline environment in your body through direct contact with your skin, which may help to prevent and remedy many of the symptoms caused by acidosis (being too acidic) and by reducing free-radicals by having a high antioxidant effect through your pores. The wood absorbs excess acidity from your body until a balanced PH is reached. This has the potential to improve conditions caused by excess acidity, which can include skin issues such as eczema, internal gut issues such as ulcers, acid reflux, gerd, and heartburn.