Valentine's Day Ideas - Amber for Mom and Baby

By Abby Logiste
on February 14, 2018

Valentine's Day Ideas - Amber for Mom and Baby

Something for the Duo

There is nothing more beautiful than the love a mother has for her child that can be seen from even a smile that emits in the room. A woman finds no greater treasure than her priced little one(s), who has the desire to always keep them safe and free from harm. There are moments it is tough on moms because harm can shape itself in a number of ways. When a child is pain or has come down with a fever, mothers can feel helpless because they struggle finding a way to comfort Related image their baby the best they can. In the process of caring for their infant, mothers can feel extremely exhausted and drained of their energy. Others also have the issue of getting enough sleep or quality sleep as they tend to their little one. While it cannot be denied mothers feel love and bliss when they are with their child, feelings of stress, worry, and depression may come into the mix. Fortunately, there is something that can be done to ease or even eliminate this problem for both mother and child.


Enhance the Time You Have with Your Baby

Getting the perfect bond with your infant does not always come for mothers when they expect it. It may be instantaneous for some and much later for others for a variety of reasons. No matter where you and your bundle of joy may fall in the spectrum, there is a way to help improve the mother-baby bond while caring for individual problems between the two. Baltic Essentials Amber is healing for moms and babies in the physical and emotional sense. Whether the mother or baby is going through pain, Amber can help treat the discomfort naturally. Related imageThe powerful beads heal inflammation and contain analgesic properties while eliminating toxins to help with issues such as back pain, arthritis, and gastrointestinal issues while gaining a newfound sense of energy. Babies are able to get relief from teething pain, gas, fever, colic, and much more. In the emotional sense, mothers can relieve negative feelings and improve their overall mood and alleviating stress. Amber travels directly to the bloodstream to ease the body of all these complications and can work in as little as thirty minutes.

Real Amber and Safety

Baltic Essentials sells purely authentic amber derived from the Baltic Sea. We guarantee the highest quality in every product created and shipped, and you will never be given fake amber made from synthetic or plastic material. Genuine amber can provide mothers and babiAdult & Child Set Polished Lemon Baltic Amber Teething Necklace Baby Infant Toddleres with real results when they are worn. In order to ensure the upmost safety for your infant, make sure that the Amber necklaces are removed at night or during nap times in order to prevent choking. It is also advised to supervise your little one when they do wear it because Amber, as mentioned, works when it is placed on the skin, and isn’t meant to be chewed on although it's a common misperception the beads work this way. The beautiful set for mom and baby can also be a perfect gift to give to another mother you have in mind you can give at any time of the year. Improving the lives of a mother and her infant is possible with Baltic Essenitials Amber

Help Your Child Find Pain Relief From Juvenille Arthritis Pain

By Abby Logiste
on February 09, 2018

Treat Juvenile Arthritis Pain in Children

Children Can Suffer from Arthritis

Many parents and caregivers want to do the most for their child in every way possible. This desire is often complicated and transformed into despair and helplessness when their little boy or girl is diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis. Cancer and disease is the last thing on a parents’ mind when they have a kid, but the possibility is there, and in many cases, it is a frightening reality. The most difficult thing for a parent to see is their child in pain while battling a number of internal issues because they may feel they are not like other kids. Knowing how and what to do in these situations is complex, but being there for your child when they need it and supporting them is the best thing a mother or father can do. Image result for juvenile arthritis

How Does a Child Get Arthritis?

The most common type of arthritis in kids is known as juvenile idiopathic arthritis, meaning that the reason for its appearance is not known. There are no specific links that suggest it develops due to allergies, foods, or toxins either although there does seem to be a genetic association that may cause the onset when coupled with other factors. Juvenile arthritis (JA) is not a standalone disease; it is used subtype a variety of inflammatory and autoimmune complications that take place in the joints of individuals under sixteen. While there are various types of JA, there are common symptoms that are shared such as the typical inflammation process of redness, warmth, swelling, and pain. There may also be loss of motion and stiffness present at the affected area. In rare cases, JA may involve internal organs like the spleen and liver, heart, and lymph nodes. Another problem children tend to experience are frequent fevers along with fatigue. However, when the fevers come, they do not happen along with stomach and respiratory infections. What these fevers do come on suddenly, disappear for a while, and return again. JA makes it hard for kids to include themselves in social events and focusing in school which is why the presence of a parent that is there for them physically and emotionally is powerful.

Image result for juvenile arthritis


Naturally Relieve Pain with Juvenile Arthritis the Right Way

Chronic pain is the chief complaint in children with JA  and modern medicine alone is not always enough to take it away due to the worry of potential overdose and the effects of building tolerance (needing a stronger dose to have a therapeutic effect). Knowing this, many parents looks at alternative medicine and exercises their kid can do to alleviate the joint pain or take their mind away from it. Baltic Essentials Amber can naturally relieve pain caused by juvenile arthritis due to its high analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Amber controls the pain by dealing with the issue at the source within the body rather than just masking the symptoms. When the beads are warmed from the skin the active agent, succinic acid, it released to the bloodstream where it fights the swelling taking place mainly at the joints. The analgesic promotes additional comfort that can be felt within 30 minutes to an hour after wearing it. Baltic Essentials Amber can relieve joint pain all day when it is worn. Parents can be happy knowing there is no need to worry keeping it on too long or having to deal with side effects.

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Rash, Rash, Go Away

By Abby Logiste
on February 07, 2018
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Baltic Essentials Amber Heals Rashes on the Skin

So You Have a Rash

Whether it is during our childhood, teenage, or adult years we all have come across problems with our skin that that make us feel distraught by how its appearance makes us feel around others or because of the pain and itching that may come with it. A rash can appear for a number of reasons, and thankfully, most are self limiting and harmless. Those that are recurrent or take months to go away need that extra love. Finding out what your triggers are for developing a rash is also just as important because identifying and abstaining from it to a certain degree or completely can be enough to get rid a rashes for some individuals.

Image result for rash face

 What Causes Them?

Rashes are not just a sore to look at, they can be a pain with all the itching it can cause too. Exposure to a certain substance you are allergic to, suffering from extremely dry skin or suffering from a skin condition can cause cumbersome rashes to appear. Genetics can play a strong role in how it looks and its severity. Examples of common skin conditions are eczema, psoriasis, folliculitis, and contact dermatitis -- all of which are types of inflammatory disorders. Being sensitive to the sun is also another factor than can cause heat rashes for some people.  


The Differences in the Look of a Rash

There are numerous reasons why a rash forms on the skin, and there are just as many appearances they can take on too. The hot redness that you may feel is called erythema whereas the flat. This is seen in lupus erythematosus (LES) and rosacea along with the inflammatory skin disorders mentioned earlier. Abnormally colored spots are known as macules that may be seen in shades of red, a deep purple or red as well as brown and white. Individuals may develop them as a reaction to medication or to a viral complication from rubella or measles (this is rare today with vaccines available). Image result for skin rash reasons

Macules are most common in those who have vitiligo, a strain of versicolor, or a mole.  If you notice your rash has a small bump, they are called papules; larger bumps are nodules. Acne, warts, scabies, or suffering from insect bites are a few examples of papules. Nodules might come in the form of a cyst, lipoma and rheumatoid arthritis. Rashes that take on a flaky, shiny appearance are called scales can be seen in psoriasis. Determining which type of rash you are suffering from can also be helpful in getting the proper treatment. Pustules are a sign of a viral infection due to cold sores or bacterial infections due to impetigo. While none of these conditions are secluded in one classification and may show in others, it is beneficial to understand how they typically arise.

Fight Inflammation with Hazelwood 

Inflammation plays a key role in all of these skin conditions where rashes appear. Pharmacology has allowed millions of sufferers to control the symptoms, but they can come with terrible side effects. For others, the effects of the meJasper 17 Inch Hazelwood (For Heart burn, acid reflux, Eczema) Necklace for Adult, teenagerdicine may simply no longer work as they once did, if at all. Baltic Essentials Hazelwood can help rashes go away naturally that show up due to many types of skin conditions. Hazelwood, derived from a plant, can provide the skin analgesic and anti-inflammatory relief. The amber beads can be worn all day to help ease itchiness and discomfort while treating the inflammation. You can reap the benefits in as little as a few hours upon wearing them.

Tackling Daily Headaches Naturally Once and For All

By Abby Logiste
on January 30, 2018

Natural Treatment for Daily Headaches

Dealing with Troublesome Headaches

Healthcare and medicine has allowed us to learn and understand so many things about ourselves in regards to the body. Still, the body remains a mystery in cases where we know there is a problem, but we do not completely understand why it is happening -- hence we speculate. For example, primary chronic headaches do not have identifiable underlying causes. Everyone has experienced headaches a handful of times throughout their life, but when it is increased in frequency where you have it more often than not,  it is no longer normal. The worst thing about having a headache is learning how debilitating it can be to concentrate or do activities. Finding a treatment option that is suitable for you is possible if you can narrow down the type of long-lasting headache you are experiencing.

Four Types of Chronic Headaches

By definition, a chronic headache persists for 15 or more days out of the month for a minimum of three months. They are said to be true, or primary, chronic daily headaches if they are not caused by a separate condition, and non-primary if an underlying condition (brain injury, brain tumor, stroke, abnormal intracranial pressure) exists. Long lasting headaches last over four hours when they appear and include:

  1. Chronic Tension Headache
    • Causes mild to moderate pain
    • Does not worsen with physical activity 
    • Affects both sides of the hean
    • Pain feels as if it is tightening or pressing rather than pulsating
    • Possible skull tenderness
  1. Chronic MigraineRelated image
    • Worsens with physical activity
    • Can affect one or both sides of the head
    • Moderate to extreme pain is felt
    • Throbbing, pulsating sensation
  1. Hemicrania Continua
    • Appears daily and continuously without relief periods
    • Felt on one side of the head
    • May become severe with the addition of migraine-like symptoms
    • Constant moderate pain with occasional bursts of severe pain
  1. New Daily Persistent Headache
    • Headaches can appear suddenly commonly in those with no history of headaches
    • Grows constant within 72 hours of the first headache where at least two characteristics are found:

                             (I) Affecting both sides of the head

                            (II) Appearance of mild to moderate pain

                           (III) Pain feels as if it is tightening or pressing rather than pulsating

                           (IV) Does not worsen with physical activity

A Natural Option for Chronic Headaches

Chronic headaches are a nuisance for a number of reasons. It can bring up a variety of negative emotions in many because it seems to never truly go away.  It is a battle in itself to find someone that can eliminate to reduce the incidence all the while trying to keep within your budget. Baltic Essentials Amber is an excellent remedy for chronic headache suffers due to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Amber is made from succinic acid that will ease and prevent pain in the head, neck, and shoulders. The healing properties penetrate the skin where it benefits are released. The anti-inflammatory properties allow swollen blood vessels, that are believed to trigger pain, to return to its original state. The amber may be worn for months at a time, and they will continue to work for you as you wear them for many years to come. Feel the positivity that amber can have in your life by trying it on. 

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Eat Your Way Out of Arthritis Pain

By Abby Logiste
on January 22, 2018

Healing Arthritis Naturally

Taking a Closer Look at Your Diet

They say that we are what we eat, and there is a great deal of truth to that. These days it can be hard to eat healthy for a number of reasons. It could be because eating right is not affordable or simply because there is a lack of knowledge. There is also the problem with chemicals and hormones that are added into a lot of foods that, when put into our bodies after we eat it, cause many problems such as inflammation. Our gut and our immune system are responsible for cleansing our body from the bad substances and absorbing the good things that we need when it is functioning properly. The true problems happen when it is not working as it should and eating the right foods with the right nutrients will work in your favor and clear out the junk. Although this change is beneficial for anyone, those who suffer from disease process, such as arthritis, that is going on internally will see a drastic improvement in their symptoms.

So What Should I Eat?

Eating foods that are great sources of nutrients is always good for your arthritic joints. This can be done by eating more fruits and vegetables and eating fewer foods that have little to no nutritional value. Nonetheless, you also want to think about eating foods that combat inflammation, strengthen the bones, and improve the immune system.

  • Fish – These excellent swimmer are high in omega-3 fatty acids that help decrease inflammation. Eat at least 3-4 ounces twice a week, namely salmon, herring, tuna, and mackerel.
  • Oils – Olive, avocado, and sunflower oil are healthy fats that help make bad cholesterol levels fall while improving inflammation from the oleocanthal it contains.
  • Foods with Vitamin D – Milk is an excellent source of vitamin D, but you want to make sure the brand you get is not filled with too many hormones. Vitamin D is best absorbed with calcium, and it improves the immune system. You can also eat leafy greens, like spinach, to get your fill. 
  • Broccoli – This tasty green is high in vitamins K and C, calcium, and sulforaphone that is especially perfect for osteoarthritis.
  • Green Tea – It is packed with antioxidants, polyphenols and epigallocatechin-3-gallote (EGCG) that work on the immune system, inflammation block molecules that start joint injury.
  • Citrus Fruits – Tangy fruits like lime, lemon, and oranges is loaded with antioxidants from vitamin C which help the joints. 
  • Whole Grains – Grains reduce C-reactive protein (CRP), which are markers the body produce when there are high levels of inflation. Brown rice and oatmeal are two of the many options to take.
  • Garlic, Onions, and Leeks – The trio are part of the allium family and have been shown to reduce cartilage damaging enzymes 

Healthy Food and Amber Equals Magic

Implementing one change, such as a healthier diet, can work in you favor when living with arthritis. However, a doing a combination of things to improve and decrease the amount of inflammation in the body will work better and sooner. Baltic Essentials Amber is potent enough to takle arthriAdult Amber Necklace - Arthritis Carpal Tunnel Sciatica Pain Inflammation Raw 18 20 22 Inch Necklace Unpolished Multi Baltic Amber Adulttis pain thanks to its amazing analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. The succinic acid is released from the beads and sent to the bloodstream where it eases pain due to its effects on receptors and it helps thwart the abnormally high levels of inflammation primarily gathered at the joints. Relief can be felt not long after wearing it, and the powers of Baltic Essentials Amber will continue to work for years before you ever need to replace it. Keeping the inflammation at a minimum through your diet and with Amber will be just the arsenal you need to beat arthritis pain.


Hospital Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

By Abby Logiste
on January 15, 2018

Baltic Amber as a great hosptial gift

Being There For Someone at the Hospital

No one ever wishes for their loved ones to fall sick,  get injured or go through some form of emotional turmoil that resulted in a trip to the hospital. While it may the last wish or thought on our mind, it does happen. Most of us hope to bring a smile on a friend, relative, or lover's face when we visit to enhance their mood, especially when they are feeling down. Our presence and a thoughtful gift is often the perfect remedy to give a recovering patient to brighten their spirit.

Sending Your Gift the Right Way

Delivering a gift is a nice gesture, but you do not want to appear at the hospital out of the Image result for amber gemstoneblue. It is better to prearrange your visit to avoid potential complications. Doing so will still not ruin give the gift as a surprise if that is your aim so long as you don't mention anything about it to the person you're visiting. Reaching out to family members of the patient if you are a friend or acquaintance is good ethic since you can never be certain how a patient is feeling. It is possible they are tired or don't want visits a certain day, so knowing in advance the best time will help you avoid making a blank trip.

What kind of Gift Should I Bring?

The first thought most people think about bringing is flowers, but these days it is isn't idea. Sometimes it is because the hospital may simply not allow them (be sure to check) other times, it mainly has to do with its lack of use. It may take just a bit of space, and appear beautiful at first, but they wilt over time. Watching the flowers die may not exactly be the most encouraging display for someone that is admitted for a while. Even if their stay is short, Baltic Amber or Chakra Teen Adult 7 inch Bracelet Varioustransportation is another issue and it may spill if you didn't make arrangements to have them delivered to them instead. If you are certain you want to bring flowers, orchid plants that few flowers and plenty of buds ready to bloom for a good month would be the best option.
Most people understand and believe that staying in the hospital can be pretty boring, so purchasing a gift that can help fight that boredom are great. You could do something as simple as filling an attractive container or bag with books, magazines, notebooks and stencils. Frame photos are also just as thoughtful. Electronic gifts such as app, movie, or book services are entertaining, but it would help to know to know if the hospital is Wi-Fi enabled beforehand (most are). Everyone can appreciate food too. The food serve at hospitals can be pretty bland or it may not fit one's personal diet. Keep in mind you want to find out what foods they can and cannot eat before delivering the meal. If they are free and clear to eat anything, that would work out in your favor the most so send a home or restaurant favorite. Snacks and desserts are excellent treats as well.

Baltic Essentials Amber for the Body and Soul

The mind can easily stray and become filled with less than positive thoughts sometimes for those who have to stay in the hospital. Baltic Essentials Amber is a beneficial hospital gift as it can help get rid of negative energy while boosting emotional healing, promoting positive change. Think of it as being there for the person you care about when you are not there to lift their spirit. Amber not only heals the mind, it can treat pain and infection complications naturally. When it is worn, the healing properties are released from the beads and travel directly to the bloodstream. Baltic Essentials Amber Jewelry are beautiful, so wearing it may seem like a gift alone, but you can be happy knowing it is able to mend the body and soul.

Adult Amber Necklace - Arthritis Carpal Tunnel Sciatica Pain Inflammation Raw 18 20 22 Inch Necklace Unpolished Multi Baltic Amber Adult

The Natural Choice for Postpartum Maternal Depression

By Abby Logiste
on January 12, 2018

Natural tratment for Postpartum depression

Maternal Depression Affect Baby and Mom 

Maternal depression encompasses several conditions that may affect females anytime during their pregnancy and persist up to a year after giving birth. Postpartum Depression (PPD) is one type mothers and loved ones should look out for. Being depressed common Image result for Postpartum Maternal Depressionand everyone feels at one point or period in their life. However, when these feelings last beyond a couple of days, it can interfere with the daily lives of the mother as well as the baby and result in weakened bonds.

 Moms feel less willing to be active with their child and often do not sing, read,  or play with them. They may also fail to care for the basic needs of their little one by ensuring the car seat it secure as well as making or following up on well visits for things like immunizations. PPD is a double edged sword where the child grows to not respond or interact with the mother too. It is possible this can plummet the mother even deeper into negative feelings and increase anxiety.

How Common  is Postpartum Depression?

It is believed that as much as 10-20% of new mothers experience postpartum depression. It is often seen between 2-3 months after delivery, although it is not uncommon to see not long after the baby has been born. Those at particular risk of PPD are women of childbearing age under 24 that are sensitive during the first few months of delivery . Mothers with a history of substance or drug abuse and a personal or family history of anxiety and depression are also at risk. One thing to keep in mind is that maternal depression is still a chronic complication that can come and go. It is not always solely a problem that occurs within a certain timeframe after the baby is delivered. Mothers are always encouraged to express how they feel to others and their loved ones should monitor them whenever possible if they suspect the mother is going through PDD. 

What to Look Out For in PPD

There is no single face or subset of actions that can determine maternal depression as symptoms are  not always the same for everyone.  The amount of similar symptoms, the length, the frequency, and the intensity one goes through differ although there are signs to look out for:

  • Withdrawal from loved ones
  • Guilt of not being a good parent and feeling doubt
  • Feeling angry, irritable, or cranky
  • Crying more than usual (even over small things)
  • Intense worry of the baby or growing distantImage result for Postpartum Maternal Depression
  • Persistent sadness
  • Little to no appetite 
  • Hypersomnia or Insomnia
  • Lost interesting in caring for self
  • Anxiety manifested as odd fears and thoughts (like harming the baby)
  • Recurrent thoughts about committing suicide
  • Loss in pleasure in doing things that were once pleasurable
  • Headaches, palpitations, chest pain, hyperventilation, and numbness
  • Difficulty remembering things
  • Lack in interest in completing daily tasks

Treating Postpartum Depression with Baltic Essentials

Depression can be a scary shadow that is troublesome to get rid of, but it is definitely something that is treatable. Having a baby, whether it is the first or not, is a challenge for every mother where support is a must. Baltic Essentials Amber Rainbow Raw Milk can naturally treat postpartum depression in mothers. Amber is wonderful for providing pain relief and Lapis Lazuli is able to calm feelings of stress and anxiety. The rainbow necklace also contains pink rose quartz that can help mothers boost their self confidence while lowering stress and anger. Overall, the combination of the three is helpful in reducing the sadness that occurs during depression. The attractive necklace can make mothers begin to feel a difference not after wearing them, and the effects last a long time for months to come.

Adult Raw Milk Blue Lapis Pink 18 in Baltic Amber Necklace Sadness Anxiety


Natural Treatment for Kids with Scoliosis

By Abby Logiste
on January 07, 2018

Natural Treatment for Kids with Scoliosis

Children with Scoliosis

Our spine is meant to be bendable and flexible for us to be able to move about freely and effortlessly. Too much of it though – as with anything – is not a good thing because it gives rise to conditions such as scoliosis, and about 2% of people live with it. It often develops gradually, and is not found in children until they are in their preteen to teenage years. Fortunately, a majority of these cases are mild, and do not affect a child’s life so they can live an active lifestyle. However, in certain cases where the curvature of the spine is more advanced, a child is likely to go through pain or decreased range of motion.

How is Scoliosis Diagnosed in Children?

Scoliosis is determined by observing the spine from the back. Completing a basic test is simple, and can be done by anyone. Nonetheless, you should still get a doctor to confirm the condition if you have reason to believe your child or someone you know has it. The standard test is when the child bends over and touches their feet while remaining as straight as possible. In this position, you can look and feel the spine to see if it travels in a straight line and if the rib cage and muscles around the back are equal (not higher or lower on one side). Examining a child’s feet, pelvis, legs, shoulders, and chest should also be noted to check whether or not the opposite sides match. If a doctor is checking for scoliosis during a physical exam, some may order an x-ray to have a better look.


Five Forms of Scoliosis that Plague Children

  1. Congenital Scoliosis – This form of scoliosis is found during birth, and is typically caused by a defect that has been detected. It may also form when the spine is pulled, twisted, or rotated along with the ribs during delivery. It is extremely rare, happening in one of every 10,000 births.
  1. Infantile Scoliosis – Infants may contract scoliosis that can be seen and may occur anywhere from a few months of age up until three. There is a chance this type of scoliosis has a relationship with neurological complications in their development. Most infants only have it for a period of time and it leaves as they get older, but in others it can persist and lead to physical deformity. Infantile scoliosis is found in boys more than girls.
  1. Juvenile Scoliosis – In contrast to infantile scoliosis, juvenile scoliosis is more likely to be seen in girls and it starts around the ages of three to ten. These kids are at greater risk of the spine’s curvature progressing.
  1. Adolescent Scoliosis – Adolescent scoliosis starts between ages 10 up until that maturation of their skeletal system. It may arise the moment a child hits puberty or appear while they are in their growth spurt period. Girls have a higher risk of getting this type as well.
  1. Idiopathic Scoliosis – Sometimes there is not a known reason why a child gets scoliosis, and it is deemed to be idiopathic.

Treat Pain from Scoliosis Naturally in Kids

It is a sad thing to see a child in pain, and all anyone would like to do is to end it more than anything. Most kids may not have an issue with pain even when they have the spinal disorder. Regardless, there are still a handful of kids that do, and parents look for methods that can help them better. Baltic Essentials Amber can treat scoliosis pain naturally without having to worry about side effects. The abnormal curvature of the spine causes swelling at the spine and surrounding areas such as the muscle which causes the discomfort.


Amber, a completely natural property made from resin, is a powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic agent that can reduce the amount of swelling while providing a soothing effect when it is worn. Kids can wear it anytime of the day, but it is recommended they take off the necklace at night to avoid choking. Baltic Essentials also has Bracelets available to help control the pain.

Pregnant Mommies End Pain with Amber

By Abby Logiste
on January 04, 2018

Treat Pregnancy Pain Naturally

Being Blessed with a Baby

There is no doubt that having a baby is an incredible live changing experience for women (and the lucky man) from the moment of conception to birth. To prepare the delivery, the body goes through a range of changes with some being expected or welcomed, and others not. There is no specific location that goes through a change. The uterus enlarges as the baby grows, blood volume increases, and organs shift to mold with the baby as the maternal circulation provides oxygen and nutrients to the little one. It is both fascinating and beautiful to see such adaptions occur, but let’s be honest, being pregnant is not always fun. Unfortunately, women definitely have their share of discomfort throughout the process. 

Here Comes the Aches and Pain

Pregnant women do not always go through the same problems, but there are similar symptoms many can expect to experience such as the seemingly imminent morning sickness (mostly in the first trimester), bloating, headaches, stomach pain, and edema that often pools to legs. Women may also develop cramps, heartburn, back and breast pain. These “complications” are completely normal during pregnancy, and do not often warrant a trip to the hospital. Still, being pregnant make moms and to-be moms feel a sense of disability every now and then because it is harder to move or complete an activity. Some find the worst period is the first trimesters, other believe it was the second or the third trimester. Of course, this too, is individualistic and depends on the symptoms a mom experiences and tolerance level.   

You Can’t Take Whatever You Want During Pain

Since there is another, more sensitive life, living inside you, mothers have to be more mindful of the things they eat and expose themselves to when they are at home or go out. This is probably the most critical when it comes to taking certain drugs and supplements even when dealing with pain. A lot of drugs are teratogenic, or toxic, to the fetus even if it is safe for adults. Drugs that are safe have to be strictly followed so the mom the does not accidentally overdose. Pregnant women may also be taking a drug that they feel is not working for them, and need something stronger. It becomes a complex game to determine the right drugs that can ease the pain while assessing it is still safe enough to take. Regardless of these measures, there is still a probability that drugs and supplements may affect the fetus when maternal history, conditions as well as food and drug interactions come into play.


Moms: There is a Natural Way to Treat Pain

Moms feel a high sense of wanting to protect their baby when they are pregnant. That desire becomes stronger when they get to see the baby after an ultrasound visit, hear the heartbeat, and feel the baby moving inside of them. It is instinct that makes mothers persevere through the discomfort as much as possible. Still, there are safe and effective techniques and things a mom can do or use to help them through the uneasiness. Moms can end pain during pregnancy naturally by using Baltic Essentials Amber, which has amazing anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. The combination help fight swelling that is going on within the body while easing pain. Succinic acid, the active ingredient of amber is transferred from the beads to the bloodstream after it is warmed from the skin, delivering the benefits
19 Inch Raw Polished Multi Baltic Amber Necklace Bean Leaf Big Kid, Child, Or Adultthroughout the body. Baltic Amber has no adverse effects, and can be worn on a daily basis.The 100% pure amber is made from pine trees in Northern Europe. Results can be felt as soon as an hour and continue to grow by day 4-7. The potent benefits of the beads last for 3-6 months before needing needing to be replaced, which also makes it affordable. Moms love amber because of its pain relieving abilities they can wear comfortable without having to worry about it being bad for the baby. Baltic Amber can also be worn by children to treat a variety of comment problems they go through such and colic and teething! It is wonderful for the entire family to use at home or anywhere during travel. 

Baltic Amber: Now that's Powerful Medicine

By Abby Logiste
on December 20, 2017

Baltic Essentials Amber is Natural Medicine

Giving Our Body the Medicine it Needs

Our body loves to take in the goodies it receives by breaking it down for use through what we know as metabolism. We all know that nutrients in the form of fats, carbs, protein, water, vitamins, and minerals are all important to keep our bodies running in optimal condition while aiding in the prevention of many diseases, but could there be a few things within that list we aren't aware of that is beneficial? This is such the case for succinic acid as many individuals are completely unaware of its healing power on the body although it has been used century after century. 

Nature is Our Medicine 

It may not be so far-fetched to say that the answer to many medical conditions lie in our backyard7.5 Inch Polished Baltic Amber Bracelet Teen Adult. There are potentially thousands of new species we may not know of that can cure many of the diseases we have although we do not know about it. Still, nature has allowed us to learn so many remedies for issues without having to resort purely on pharmacology. Succinic acid, for example, is a holistic option for just about every problem you can think of, including troublesome pain (acute or chronic). 


Conditions Succinic Acid Can Treat

Succinic acid is derived from the Latin word "succinum" which translates as 'amber'. Baltic Essentials Amber can be used for problems such as:

Colds: The immune system is strengthened by amber, which helps thwart chances of you catching the cold, fever, or flu. Baltic Amber Necklace - 15 Or 17 Inch Raw UnPolished Lemon Black Cherry 1-Flower Baltic Amber Necklace For Teen Or Adult Arthritis Carpal Tunnel Cramps Sciatica Headache Back Pain

The Brain: Our nervous system entails our motion and thought process. Sometimes we have built up stress and anxiety caused by physical or mental problems. Succinic acid is powerful enough to help release stress and the buildup of certain chemicals. It can eliminate the root of the cause, helping the brain regain its original function.

Cellular Respiration: The body may lack efficient cellular respiration. The decrease in function could be due to buildup or many other unknown reasons. Succinic acid is able to provide optimal cellular respiration and glucose metabolism so that our body can take in oxygen and sugar for our required needs.

The Heart: Succinic acid can also play a role in the regulation of blood and how that heart pumps that supply. Baltic amber is as much of an option for those suffering from cardiovascular diseases by improving the conditions. Word has it that amber can even prevent heart attacks.

Inflammatory Diseases: Those with inflammatory conditions, like arthritis, can benefit from amber because of its anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antioxidant properties that help treat the root of the problem and the pain.

Teething and Colic Pain: Amber today is probably most known for its effect on kids. It is quite the star for helping relieve teething and colic pain. The beads should be worn so the succinic acid can be released to the skin where it provides a soothing and healing effect.

Body Cleansing: The mystical wonders of amber is able to rid the body of chronic pain and built up negative energy. It can promote concentration and heal our organs such as the liver and intestines. The body works better and feels more refreshed as a result. Raw Unpolished Lemon Flower 17 Inch Baltic Amber Necklace For Big Kid, Child, Or Adult


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  • Baltic Essentials Chakra Lava Rock Balance Bracelet Yoga Teen Adult 6.5, 7 - 7.5 inch Bracelet essential oils Rainbow Natural Stone Wisdom Amethyst Lapis Turquoise
    Baltic Essentials Chakra Lava Rock Balance Bracelet Yoga Teen Adult 6.5, 7 - 7.5 inch Bracelet essential oils Rainbow Natural Stone Wisdom Amethyst Lapis Turquoise
  • 18 Inch Baltic Amber Teen Necklace Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Migraine Adult
    18 Inch Baltic Amber Teen Necklace Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Migraine Adult 18 Inch Baltic Amber Teen Necklace Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Migraine Adult
  • Raw Bean Baltic Amber Necklace Baby Infant Toddler
    Raw Bean Baltic Amber Necklace Baby Infant Toddler Raw Bean Baltic Amber Necklace Baby Infant Toddler
  • Baltic Essentials Adjustable Chakra Balance Bracelet Yoga Teen Adult 6 - 9 inch Bracelet Rainbow Natural Stone Wisdom Amethyst Lapis Turquoise
    Baltic Essentials Adjustable Chakra Balance Bracelet Yoga Teen Adult 6 - 9 inch Bracelet Rainbow Natural Stone Wisdom Amethyst Lapis Turquoise Baltic Essentials Adjustable Chakra Balance Bracelet Yoga Teen Adult 6 - 9 inch Bracelet Rainbow Natural Stone Wisdom Amethyst Lapis Turquoise
  • Honey Hazelwood 11 inch (For GERD, Colic, Eczema) Polished mixed with Baltic Amber Necklace for Baby, Infant.
    Honey Hazelwood 11 inch (For GERD, Colic, Eczema) Polished mixed with Baltic Amber Necklace for Baby, Infant. Honey Hazelwood 11 inch (For GERD, Colic, Eczema) Polished mixed with Baltic Amber Necklace for Baby, Infant.
  • Baltic Essentials Chakra Balance Bracelet Yoga Teen Adult 7 - 7.5 inch Bracelet Rainbow Natural Stone Wisdom Amethyst Lapis Turquoise
    Baltic Essentials Chakra Balance Bracelet Yoga Teen Adult 7 - 7.5 inch Bracelet Rainbow Natural Stone Wisdom Amethyst Lapis Turquoise Baltic Essentials Chakra Balance Bracelet Yoga Teen Adult 7 - 7.5 inch Bracelet Rainbow Natural Stone Wisdom Amethyst Lapis Turquoise

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