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Baltic Essentials
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We started the business just over 7 years ago. The idea of Baltic Essentials started when our daughter was 4-5 months old and teething. My husband and I had to watch her suffer from fever for three days, and it was complete misery. We knew there had to be a natural solution out there to treat her symptoms so we did extensive research until we discovered a remarkable bead -- Baltic Amber -- that is actually derived from tree resin. It falls from trees in the Baltic and is collected along the shore although many initially believe the precious beads are made from stone.   

Intrigued, my husband and I spent several months researching Baltic Amber and finding ways to determine which are genuine and which are fake (as it is often replicated and sold as cheap plastic), because we did not want our daughter to wear the latter. We were fortunate enough to come into contact with a family in Lithuania who agreed to make a necklace in raw multi for our daughter  in order to stop her suffering.

Although it took some time going back and forth to get exactly what we needed, we were able to create a custom necklace for her. We noticed any time she began wearing it, her teething symptoms would disappear immediately. Our daughter gained her next few teeth that came in unnoticed, and soon my husband and I realized that this little miracle necklace calms inflammatory related symptoms from teething.

Baltic amber contains succinate acid which is used for red cheeks, drooling, fever, common colds, and any inflammatory related illnesses. Not only that, these necklaces also work on adults too! I began wearing one for sciatica pain. My very first necklace was the Polished Cognac & Turquoise. I had suffered with for two years and my husband wore one for arthritis, the Adult Raw Multi. We experienced near immediate relief from our pain and we have been relieved from it ever since. Around the same time, we discovered Hazelwood for our son who had complained of tummy pain from the time he was born. Often, he would throw up after meals and doctors said what he suffered from was reflux. About four days after he began wearing a Hazelwood necklace, the complaints of tummy pain were gone! He now has had freedom from reflux and heartburn!

It was then we decided we had to share this knowledge and our company, Baltic Essentials was formed. We were so impressed with the healing properties that we even began producing the necklaces with our sweet Lithuanian family that crafted our daughter’s necklace. We have been working together for over three years to provide high quality Baltic Amber to US based families and abroad. Throughout the years, we have worked incorporating other semi-precious beads into the necklaces as well. By doing that, it would allow the beads we make to be multifunctional and have dual purposes to naturally relieve a wide range of symptoms! I wear the Raw Milk and Lapis Lazuli necklace for continued sciatica pain relief plus relief from anxiety. My husband still sports the raw multi necklace for arthritis.

Our son loves to load up and grabs any new colors that come our way. He especially loves the Hazelwood with Lapis Lazuli and normally wears an all amber necklace mixed along with it.

Our daughter is our product tester for sure.

She loves the Rainbow Semi-Precious mix the best and also the Turquoise Cherry with Jade flowers.

And don’t forget about the Hazelwood & Pink Quartz. She has about 12 necklaces in her collection these days. And why not? They are all natural from the earth and I feel safe knowing she is wearing these chemical free necklaces for beauty, healing, and play.