3 Reasons to Choose Baltic Amber For Teething Pain

Amber for Teething Pain

April 28, 2016 3 min read 1 Comment

Teething is Normal 

Teething: it may have been a while ago for most of us, but we’ve all been through it, and anyone with a new baby (or even a puppy or kitten) has probably had more recent reminders, all along the tips of their fingers!

Baby teething is a necessary fact of life. Usually beginning at around three to six months of age, a baby’s primary teeth push through the gums, beginning with the lower set until eventually, all 20 teeth have pushed through. As the teeth are penetrating the soft gum tissue, the pain that comes with it can range from uncomfortable, to outright excruciating for some little ones. The gums also swell around the incoming teeth, prompting many babies to chew in an effort to relieve the pressure that comes with it.

Symptoms associated with teething range all across the board, so parents usually implement only the necessary measures to help their kids get through those tough few first months. Some babies will simply use gum at their own fingers in an effort to alleviate pressure, while others will be more prone to crying or irritability, some even straight up refusing to eat or drink if their mouths are too sensitive. Teething also stimulates babies to salivate, so excessive drooling is a symptom many new parents are all too familiar with. All this excess drool can run down the chin, leading the skin to chafe, or even result in a rash, which can make for an understandably cranky child.

Whatever your baby’s teething symptoms reveal themselves to be, every parent only wants relief for their child in distress, and many turn to the usual tried and true solutions to help ease the pain that comes with the process. Using a finger to massage sore gums, cooling the irritated area with cold food and drinks, and even some extra hugs and cuddles can go a long way in soothing teething pain among infants.

Why Baltic Essentials for Teething Pain? 

Some parents also look to the healing power of Baltic Essentials amber as a supplemental solution to help with their baby’s teething issues. A homeopathic remedy used for thousands of years, Baltic amber comes with many benefits. Here are just a few ways it can be a great choice to help sooth teething.

  1. It’s all natural - There are certainly some natural teething rings out there, though the majority of plastic ones are made with harmful or even toxic chemicals, which can disrupt hormonal cycles, or even introduce carcinogenic substances to your baby’s system. Rubber rings containing latex might trigger an allergic reaction in some. Baltic Essentials amber is a naturally occurring, organic substance, and contains no harmful materials.
  2. Baltic Essentials Lemon and Green Jasper for Teething PainIt’s rich in analgesic oils - What makes Baltic Essentials amber so effective at soothing teething pain is the naturally-occurring succinic acid found within. The heat of a baby’s body releases trace amounts of oils, rich in anti-inflammatory succinic acid. This oil is then absorbed into the body, which produces a mild analgesic effect, alleviating pain and discomfort, naturally.
  3. Zero side effects: Many topical numbing agents have been associated with dangerous side effects, and some have been believed to lower oxygen levels in the blood in children under the age of two. Because succinic acid is naturally produced in everybody, there’s no worry of foreign and harmful toxins which poison the body.

One playful choice for kids is the Baltic Essentials Polished Lemon and Green Jasper with Flowers Baltic Amber Necklace for teething babies. Not intended to be used as a teething ring itself, this beautiful necklace simply releases the healing goodness of succinic acid, which is absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream. Calming and emotionally supportive, the green jasper found in this beautiful piece can help establish proper sleeping patterns among young children. Worn daily, the Baltic Essentials teething necklace can help to reduce symptoms commonly associated with teething discomfort.

As with any teething item, always be sure to keep a watchful eye on your little one when wearing a Baltic amber necklace. Be sure to remove them at night when they are sleeping without supervision.

Baltic Essentials Lemon and Green Jasper for Teething Pain

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July 21, 2016

I am hoping to try one of your amber necklaces for my daughter soon! She is cutting teeth and very cranky because of it.

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