So it's a "teething" necklace . . .

Amber for teething

December 19, 2015 2 min read

It is a teething necklace

Baltic Essentials Teething Necklace Review

Traditionally, when we hear the word "teething" we think of rubber, wood rings or maybe a necklace Mommy wears for Baby to chew on. Amber jewelry from is not that kind of "teething" tool! One afternoon I was talking with a friend of mine about her 5 month old son,

I remember when she told me, "So I have been trying to teach my son to chew on it" . . .  


Without missing a beat, I told her, "No, no! There's no magic in biting or chewing on them"

Really, they are designed so they can't go in the mouth. Yes, once worn on the wrist or ankle, they could potentially get sucked or chewed on by your baby, but it should not be something to teach them. It is meant to remain on the skin to deliver its healing effects. There are two lengths of necklaces for children: a 12.5- or 13-inch so be sure to measure your child to see what would work best for them in order to ensure it fit comfortably, but stay under their chin.

Keeping the necklace "out of sight" also helps prevent your little one from messing with it, pulling on it, or trying to suck on it. They may notice when it is first put on, but after frequent use, then it just becomes normal. My kids have actually grown an attachment to wearing them (maybe yours will too). Some may even miss it, much like one would miss their wedding ring if you took it off!

You can read here why amber works through skin contact, not by chewing on.

Baltic Essentials Polished Cognac Necklace is such a pretty deep amber, but still picks up brighter tones in the light. I love how rich the polished look is too!

The individual beads on this one seem a bit smaller than on some of the other necklaces - which I think make it perfect for younger babies, it's more dainty. I can just hear my Grandmother saying that word, "dainty" every time I use it. Maybe it is also a combination of the darker hue that makes it seem smaller.

Whatever the reason, it makes a really great necklace for kids.

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Author Sara Shay Your Thriving FamilyI am just a wife and mama who does research for the well being of my kiddos and share that with you. These are all my personal experiences and findings.

As with anything please do your own research and consult your trusted healthcare provider before following any advice I may offer.

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