The Benefits of Amber for Babies

Benefits of Amber for Babies

June 29, 2018 3 min read

Is Amber Safe for my Baby?

Since ancient times amber, made from the fossilized resin of ancient trees, has been used as a natural antibiotic to heal and protect the body from injury. It has been used to ease the mind and any negative emotions. Other cultures believe its healing effects are so immense that it is worn because it is believed to be capable of purifying souls while warding off evil spirits. Baltic amber continues to fascinate people today who look to ease an array of conditions or symptoms they may suffer from. There is no denying the healing beads work for adults as they have worked for hundreds of years, but amber has got many parents wondering if it is also safe enough to use on their babies. The answer to that is yes! The benefits of amber for babies are immense, and there is no need to worry about side effects. 

It is the Staple Answer for Teething

It is a tremendous developmental milestone to see your baby begin to grow their teeth, but the expedition isn't always a fun one for either of the two. Babies can experience extreme discomfort when they begin to sprout and may begin to become fussy and cry. Baltic Essentials Amber provides natural teething pain relief for babies. The same goes for easing pain related to earaches and a sore throat. The succinic acid within the beads are released to the bloodstream when it is worn on the skin as it provides immense anti-inflammatory properties that is perfect for treating tender gums.  The sedative-like effect of amber allows your baby to be free from teething pain as it treats the swelling. Other problems like drooling and redness can also be alleviated in babies and toddlers as it promotes a better, and well-rested sleep. The benefits of Amber for babies doesn't stop there. Amber helps alleviate stress in babies as it wards away negative energy. Drooling is reduced because amber helps stimulate the thyroid gland. Kids experience speedier healing and recovery time when they are sick as it builds the immune system.  Children often feel better within half an hour of wearing the necklace. Baltic Essentials Amber is dubbed as the no fuss alternative for teething for these reasons and because it is simpler. Parents do not have to chill and re-chill teething rings or clean the nor do they have to have to rub teething gels along the gums every few hours.

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Safety Tips for Amber

Amber can be worn once you notice signs of teething or gastrointestinal related conditions. Infants as young as two months may begin wearing the necklace. Remember that babies should only wear them under the watchful eyes of adult and that it should be removed when they are asleep. When you are buying the necklaces ensure you get the right size in relation to the age or weight of your child so that it can fit snugly, but not too tight or loose on your child's neck. Proper sizing also helps prevent your little one from chewing on the beads. It is advised to tuck the beads under cloths so it will not distract your child and ultimately. This is a great method that help kids forget they are even wearing it in the first place. The sooner you get them to wear it, the sooner your baby will be accustomed to having it.  Be sure to remove the jewelry from babies at night when they sleep or are taking a nap and to ensure they worn and not chewed on. Kids will be kids and it is not too far-fetched of a thought to believe they will yank on the jewelry any moment they can get. Baltic Essentials Amber ensures the best quality make by having knots between each bead and a safety screw to ensure a strong hold.

So, Is Amber Safe for my Baby?

The answer is Yes! Baltic Amber, when used according to the safety instructions is a safe necessity for babies.  

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