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A New Moms Must-Have for Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Gift

April 13, 2016 3 min read

The Birth of Your Baby

Absolutely nothing in world compares to the bliss of seeing your baby for the very first time. After nine months of feeling your little bundle of joy kick and move, getting the chance to experience that beautiful pregnancy glow, and spending hours creating the perfect nursery for your little one it as all come up to awaiting that first meeting. All of the hopes and dreams of the future finally explode into life the instant you gaze on your baby’s precious little face for the first time. Every worry and pain is erased as you bask in the joy of the moment.

Joy is Mixed with Stress

Over the next few weeks, the radiant joy you feel comes with an interesting new mix, and little by little stress and exhaustion creep in. Your perfect little angel is also perfectly helpless and completely dependent on mommy for her every need.  She has a cry for “I’m wet”, “I’m hungry”, “I’m tired”, “I’m bored” and “I’m mad”.  It takes a while to figure out what each of those distinct cries mean and how to remedy them. 

In the meantime, the new mom wonders if she’s up to the challenge of raising a little one, she’s exhausted from a lack of sleep, tired of nursing and changing diapers, overwhelmed with too many demands and not enough time and her emotions are on a roller-coaster. She’s probably getting all kinds of “advice” from her mother, mother-in-law, TV, magazines and on Facebook. The various types of advice from different people can be overwhelming for first-time moms. Information overload and a crying baby are enough to make a mom fall victim to stress!

In the next few years, mommy’s little angel will grow and surprise her mom with macaroni noodle necklaces, button bracelets and paintings of bouquets made from her handprints for Mother’s Day. The mom will treasure each item like a priceless artifact. But for her first year, the little angel is probably just giving Mom the satisfaction of having attained a new rank in womanhood --and perhaps a headache too.

What is the one thing every new mom needs for her first Mother’s Day? Sure, she would probably likesomething pretty, like a vase (which will probably get knocked over and broken in a few years), or a new outfit (because right now she probably doesn't fit in any of her old clothes yet), or some flowers (albeit thoughtful it can only keep her company for so long; it'll be dead in a few of days).  What she really needsis something to take the edge off the day-to-day strain of taking care of a baby.  A mom needs less stress!

A Way to Calm Stress for Moms and Teething Pain for Babies 

Fortunately has the perfect thing to relieve stress for a new mom --  a beautiful Semi-Precious Pink Rose Quartz Necklace.  Pink Rose Quartz is used by healers all over the world to treat stress and induce calmness when it is worn near the heart chakra; it is the stone of unconditional love.  What could be more symbolic or more meaningful for a new mom completely elated at the new life she created? 

What’s even better is that it comes in a set for your baby to benefit from it too! For babies, The Baltic Essentials Amber and Pink Rose Quartz Necklace (pictured left) helps treat teething pain by reducing inflammation in the gums and calms the baby.  When baby is calmer, mommy is calmer too and vice versa. Calmness is exactly what every new mother needs so she can focus on the task at hand with a clear mind and open heart full of love.

For a limited time only, use the coupon code MOMSDAY to save 15%on that perfect gift for mommy and her little angel. The Baltic Essentials Rainbow Amber Necklace (pictured right) is also a set for Mommy and Baby.  One of these days she’ll be wearing her timeless necklace right next to her treasured macaroni noodle necklace and button bracelet as she proudly displays her handprint painting of a bouquet.

  Baltic Essentials naturally relieves stress and is a treatment for teething pain

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