Prevent Lyme Disease in Dogs with Baltic Essentials Amber

Prevent Lyme Disease in Dogs with Baltic Essentials Amber

May 23, 2016 3 min read

Protecting Our Dogs from Ticks

We all love our pets and what to do what we can for them; we will find the perfect place for them to rest, the perfect foods for them to eat, the cleansing products to clean them with, and the perfect products to ensure they stay happy and healthy while preventing sickness or disease. Dogs enjoy to go outside when they can, and it is important that they are protected from whatever is out there such as ticks. Even a small bite can result in a wave of issues, one of which is known as Lyme disease. 

 Lyme disease is caused by infectious ticks that transfer a bacterium called Borrelia burgdorferi. It can cause the dog to feel sick, be in pain, and make them susceptible to other complications if it were to get advanced.  Unfortunately, it is also possible for dogs to contract the disease as we are already aware it does to people. Nonetheless, there are ways to prevent Lyme disease in dogs when you use our Baltic Essentials Amber.


What is Amber?

Baltic Amber is made of fossilized resin (it is not a stone like many people originally believe) and has been around for over 40 million years. One of the best things about Amber is that it is completely natural. The resin from the amber necklace is activated when it on the neck, and its properties (succinic acid) are dispersed to the dog's coat due to friction and body heat. The greatest benefits that come with amber for your dog is that it can help with stress or pain, it promotes healing, it is an antimicrobial, it boosts immunity, and it has anti-inflammatory properties


Treatment Options for Tick Protection

Millions of dog owners buy tick protection products for their pets assuming that those on the market are completely safe after being tested. Pet stores and veterinarians can supply you with specialized oral or topical (for the skin) medication as well as powers and sprays to give your pet to prevent Lyme disease in dogs by keeping ticks away. A majority of these medications contain pesticides that kill the tick by paralyzing their nervous system, but it can potentially poison you or your dog in the process.  It is possible to prevent Lyme disease in dogs the safe and natural way by using Baltic Essentials Amber.

How is Baltic Essentials Amber effective for Dogs?

Think of Amber as a tool that can ward off ticks, thus it works to prevent Lyme disease in dogs. There are two ways Amber works on dogs:

  1. It Is An Electrostatic Repellant - Amber creates a highly static electrical charge when there is friction generated between it and the fur. No worries, it is not something your dog will ever notice or feel; however the tick sure will! The magnetic charge is so powerful to the tick that it gets shocked and falls off if it ever attempts to hop into the fur to make it a home. The more your dog wears this, the more effective you will be at repelling bugs.


  1. The Smell It Emits Acts As a Repellant - The resin from Amber has an aromatic smell to it due to substances known as terpines that are released whenever there is friction with the coat or body heat. When your dog wears Baltic Essentials Amber long enough, the aromatic substances will get absorbed into their fur. Ticks detest the terpines, and it will keep them at bay.

Since there will be no ticks that want to use your dog as a host, Baltic Essentials Amber  prevent Lyme disease from ever occurring. The necklaces are potent and long-lasting; they may be worn for up to a year at a time (changing it once per year  is recommended).

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