A Quick Cure for Summer Camp Homesickness

Help kids with Homesickness

June 03, 2016 2 min read


Kids Happily Heading to Summer Camp

Being away from home a while and heading to summer camp for the first time is a childhood rite of passage. Every kid dreams about being away from home awhile and being on their own. Why wouldn't they? They feel as if they are tasting  ultimate freedom for the first time! They get to sleep in cabin bunk beds while talking all day to their friends and roast marshmallows. Seeing the mile-long packing list and planning what to take with them is only half the fun. They can't wait to explore as they excitingly drag their sleeping bags and fishing poles from the attic and are with you to buy an assortment of miniature travel-sized toiletries for their trip.  Once their bags have been packed and repacked, and the list checked and rechecked, it’s time for them to head off on their own adventures.

Summer Camp Can Also Make Kids Experience Homesickness

Sometimes though, the thrill of summer camp loses its appeal for some kids pretty quickly. The food tastes different, the bed feels different, the people look
different; the sights, sounds and smells are different, and, to top it all off, they actually long for home. They yearn to be amongst the people and things that are so familiar and comforting to them, and all of a sudden, the adventure of camp to camp begins to make them feel anxiety



Reducing Homesickness in Kids

So how can you make sure that your camper isn’t anxious and miserable because they are away from home too long? While you can send letters and care packages from home of their favorite things, there is another thing you can give them before they board the bus to help them have a great and memorable time – a Hazelwood and Rainbow bracelet from BalticEssentials.com. How can wood and gemstones reduce homesickness?

Hazelwood is shrub native to Canada that has been used by aboriginals for centuries to balance the body’s pH to make it more alkaline.  Eating unfamiliar food and too many s’mores can give your adventurer a stomachache, and when he feels sick, he misses home even more.  Hazelwood can absorb the excess acid from those foods and keep his tummy feeling fine. Pink Rose Quartzhas the ability to calm stress and boost self-confidence, which your camper will need when faced with being amongst strangers. Amethystcan help reduce fear and anxiety, and Lapis Lazuli can instill a sense of calm and focus, which he’ll need when competing in those fun team games.

Turquoiseand Chrysocollaare stones of communication and creativity, which your camper will need to make awesome arts and crafts projects and tell ghost stories around the campfire. Aventurine and Red Agate can both help him overcome shyness so he can make loads of new friends. And finally Baltic Amberhas the ability to reduce inflammation, swelling and headaches for times when your camper plays a little too hard.

The Hazelwood and Rainbow bracelet’s rustic look will fit right in with the camp atmosphere and casual dress code. It can be worn on the wrist or even as a fashionable ankle bracelet, and only your camper will know that it’s really their secret weapon against homesickness.

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