Pain Management for Kids with Baltic Essentials Amber

Amber helps pain in Kids

May 31, 2016 3 min read

When Children Feel Pain

No one likes to feel pain, and everyone (men, women, and children) expresses it in different ways. Children may or may not be able to signal that are pain and it will be up to you to determine if they are in acute or chronic pain. Even children have various tolerances for pain so every child will be different, but there are things they will do or you can determine to find out when they are in pain. 

  • They will either eat less or lose their appetite
  • High-pitched crying
  • Restlessness
  • Grows upset or pulls away anytime someone touches them
  • Embrace themselves or stay idle and not move
  • Tug, rub, or touch the area that is painful
  • Sleep less or more than normal

Redness can be another thing to look for, but there are times kids do not feel pain even with its arrival. Redness in an area could also be caused by something else that is not related to pain.

How Can I Find Out How Much Pain They Are In?

Unfortunately, we cannot know how mild or severe pain is for our child without asking them and going by it. The best tool you should use is the pain scale and ask them on a level of 1-10 how bad it is. Sometimes a kid can surprise you, and say "no ouchy" even if they got injured.

Nonetheless, it can help to apply pressure to the area yourself to help reduce the pain. Sometimes doing so will get them to react more, which will tell you that the pain they are in is bad when it is toughed. It also helps to look at the injury yourself to determine how painful it is. Do they have a paper cut? A light scrape? Elevated bumps? Deep cuts? Deep wounds. Light injuries often do not feel that painful and bleed less whereas more serious injuries hurt much more bleed more or are elevated.

Natural Pain Treatments

Pain medication, such as Tylenol, is often given by mouth to kids in liquid or pill form. While there is no denying that they work, may parents try to look for alternative ways to treat pain that is natural and even calming for the child to make them feel better. In many instances, medication is not needed.treat pain naturally for Kids with Baltic Essentials

  • Relaxation methods such as using the rocking chair moving up and down with them
  • Distraction techniques like blowing bubbles, allowing them to play a game, draw, or listen to music
  • Massage them in the bath, rub their back, or apply lotion
  • Change their position by sitting them up or letting them rest on pillows
  • Allow them to nap

Baltic Essentials Amber

You can treat pain naturally for kids using Baltic Essentials Amber too! Sometimes after an injury, your child will still feel the pain after you clean, bandage it or "kiss the boo-boo". You can purchase the 12 inch bracelets to put on their arms, but they can also be used as necklaces.Your child can also be in pain when they are feverish are have redness and inflammation where there is pain. Baltic Amber is fossilized resin that have been used for centuries to heal pain because it works as a powerful analgesic that can work for both of these issues. Amber has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce swelling and ease the pain that originate from it. It can be used along with the non-medicinal options listed above to help your child get back to normal. Once it is placed near the source of the pain on the skin, amber will go to travel into the bloodstream and work its magic. Our products and be worn all day any day, but it should be noted that those under three should not keep it on without an adult around, especially during naps and sleeping. 

treat pain naturally for Kids with Baltic Essentials

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