Adults: Manage Pain Caused by Scoliosis

Treat Scoliosis Pain

August 23, 2017 2 min read

 Scoliosis in Adults

Scoliosis is a long-standing issue involving the curvature of the spine that often does not always just appear during adulthood. In most cases, it can be a progressive condition that persists from childhood. Other causes of scoliosis in adults are either of unknown cause or due to degeneration of the spinal disks and compression fractures. Since the spine is not straight as it should be, the unnatural posture alone is enough to cause aches and pain such as in the back. The pain and alteration of the spine can also set back full range of motion, affecting physical activity and increasing exertion. These difficulties may affect adults in their everyday lives from taking care of their family to being able to complete work without having to think about their movement or discomfort each step of the way. Pain from Scoliosis

Complications associated with Scoliosis in Adults

Our spine is responsible for the fluid mobility and balance of our body, and scoliosis can compromise these things. The spinal curvature can also cause deformity of the trunk
where one shoulder may be higher or lower than the other or the hips may take on an “S” shape. If the curvature of the spine extends to 30-40 degrees, a hump may be prominent. The appearanceScoliosis of these signs will differ for everyone based on its level of severity and location. Scoliosis can also bring about bladder and bowel dysfunction, muscle spasms, numbness, tingling, and motor dysfunction. These complications, including pain, are neurological issues too as the brain and spine work closely together. Managing these symptoms is possible.

Options Today to Ease Scoliosis

Getting the spine as straight as possible can only be done through braces and surgery, and results var
y case by case. Other options for treating scoliosis help treat the symptoms rather than addressing the spine. Correcting the spine and managing the symptoms are equally important for those who have it. Non-surgical options for those with scoliosis aside from physical therapy, exercise, and medication are use of moist heat, aromatherapy and chiropractic treatments. A combination of these methods may be used to help get rid of discomfort and slow down or stop the progressive curvature of the spine.

Perfect Natural Alternative to Medication  

Scoliosis has its physical and emotional disadvantages for adults who have to live with it. The pain and psychological effects of scoliosis can be treated naturally with Baltic Essentials Amber. Although it is rarely ever mentioned as a treatment option for eliminating pain, amber is a goldmine that has long been used for hundreds of years.

 Amber works so well because its most active form, succinic acid, contains both Baltic Essentials Amber Necklace for Scoliosisanalgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that treat pain at the source. The beads are activated through body heat when worn, and the benefits are transferred to the bloodstream and throughout the body where it can work its magic. Scoliosis causes a great deal of swelling around the disks and other areas, which often cause shoulder and back pain. Soothing these areas of inflammation with Baltic Essentials will make a great difference.  

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