Gift Idea for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Gift Idea for Breast Cancer Awareness

October 11, 2017 3 min read

Spreading the Word

Battling breast cancer is no easy feat; every fighter and survivor is to be admired and the sooner the cancer is detected, the better the prognosis. There is no such thing as starting a self breast exam too early or visiting the doctor to get it done if you are uncertain how to do it or need to be educated. Sometimes, breast cancer is coupled with symptoms, but this is not always the case for many women who are or who will potentially be asymptomatic. The latter is even more of a reason for women to encourage themselves and others to commit to Image result for breast cancer awarenessregular screening. Feeling a mass or a lump does not always mean it is a deadly form of breast cancer. There are benign (harmless) and malignant (harmful) tumors that can be discovered where treatment options vary depending on the severity and stage. The early a tumor is removed or treated, the better, which is why spreading the importance of checking often is important.

Top Ten Risk Factors to Know

Breast cancer normally begins within the inner lining of the lobules that supply milk or milk ducts itself. The cancer may remain isolated within the breast tissue (which is most ideal) or it can metastasize, or spread, to other parts of the body. Common risk facts include:

  1. Genetics: Women who inherit the BRCA1 or BCRA2 genes have a higher chance of contracting breast cancer along with ovarian cancer. Another type linked to breast cancer is the TP53 holds a greater risk of the disease.
  2. Past History of Lumps or Breast Cancer: Those who have had previous breast issues before are more likely to see a return of similar or worse problems even if the lumps found were not harmful.
  3. Age: Risk increases starting at 20 years old with the chance of development rising by about 1% each decade
  4. Work Hazards: The workplace can be a place that can expose women to certain endocrine disrupters and carcinogens that pose likelihood of developing breast cancer later down the road. 
  5. Radiation: Oddly enough, being exposed to radiation for treatment of a cancer other than the breast can increase the odds of women getting it later down the road.
  6. Body Weight: Unfortunately, size is a major factor in the possibility of getting a disease, and breast cancer is no different. Being overweight, especially after menopause is a risk factor because of increased estrogen levels.
  7. Hormone Treatments: Birth control pills taken by mouth and hormone replacement therapy (HRT) also increase estrogen levels, posing just as much as a risk.
  8. High Density Breast Tissue: Big breasts play a role in relation to tissue density.
  9. Estrogen Exposure: Being exposed to the hormone for extended periods of time can cause breast cancer later in life. For example, if a woman starts her period (menarche) earlier than usual or cease their having their period later than expected.
  10. Alcohol Consumption: Drinking more than the recommended suggested amount of alcohol is also linked to breast cancer. Those who drink beyond 3 alcoholic beverages daily have 1.5 times more of a risk.

The Gift of Strength and Perseverance

There is no such thing as "little cancer" as the appearance of it, no matter the size, is not to be taken lightly. Taking on such a disease can be tough, so it means for women who have breast cancer to have the support of her lover, family, health care providers, and community. There is nothing in this world that can replace the physical presence of someone helping you, but receiving a gift during such a time is just as uplifting.  Baltic Essentials Amber is a thoughtful gift idea for women battling breast cancer due to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory powers. Breast cancer can be very painful and the disease process can increase the level of inflammation within the body. The two can also be related to treatment from radiation and chemotherapy. Amber is able to ease breast cancer pain and alleviate excessive swelling by transferring succinic acid, the active component, directly into the bloodstream when the beads are warmed by the body. Baltic Essentials provides 100% pure amber that to ensure the wearer will receive the full benefits for a long time to come.

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