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Ease the Pain of Shin Splints with Baltic Amber

End Shin Splits

December 04, 2016 2 min read

The Pros of Running

Everyone knows that running is a great form of exercise.  It's the only sport that requires no special equipment other than a pair of shoes, no expensive club membership, and it's something practically anyone can do.  Running burns calories, helps to tone muscles, allows you to de-stress, get some fresh air and can build your confidence.  Whether you just run around the block, are training for your next 5K, or are an experienced marathoner, you probably have recognized the benefits for yourself and have enjoyed the camaraderie of other runners.Treat Shin Splits

The Cons of Running

As beneficial as running is, it also has a few drawbacks.  All that pavement pounding can put wear and tear on your joints and sometimes cause shin splints, a painful inflammation of the lower leg muscles. Shin splints normally occur when you change your running routine, such as running on a different surface than you're used to, or working out harder than you're used to.  For the most part, shin splints are temporary and easy to treat with an ice pack and some rest, but the pain can make daily activities difficult to bear.  Every time you take a step, you can feel that burning pain shooting up your leg. 

Relief is On the Way

The pain and nuisance of shin splints is almost enough to make anyone want to give up running altogether.  The newest products on the market for preventing shin splints involve compression leg sleeves and kinesiology tape to warm the muscles, but they can both be expensive and unsightly.  The good news is, Baltic Essentials Amber can provide all natural relief by simply slipping on a bracelet.  The secret is in the high concentration of succinic acid, a powerful natural anti-inflammatory found only in the fossilized resin of dinosaur-age trees from the Baltic region.  With Baltic Essentials Amber, you don't have to worry about heat rashes and skin irritation caused by compression sleeves and tape; you don't have to worry about washing it or the continual expense of replacing it. All you have to do is wear it -- it's as simple as that -- and you're on your way to all-natural pain relief.

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