Help Your Child Find Pain Relief From Juvenille Arthritis Pain

Treat Juvenile Arthritis Pain in Children

February 09, 2018 3 min read

Children Can Suffer from Arthritis

Many parents and caregivers want to do the most for their child in every way possible. This desire is often complicated and transformed into despair and helplessness when their little boy or girl is diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis. Cancer and disease is the last thing on a parents’ mind when they have a kid, but the possibility is there, and in many cases, it is a frightening reality. The most difficult thing for a parent to see is their child in pain while battling a number of internal issues because they may feel they are not like other kids. Knowing how and what to do in these situations is complex, but being there for your child when they need it and supporting them is the best thing a mother or father can do. Image result for juvenile arthritis

How Does a Child Get Arthritis?

The most common type of arthritis in kids is known as juvenile idiopathic arthritis, meaning that the reason for its appearance is not known. There are no specific links that suggest it develops due to allergies, foods, or toxins either although there does seem to be a genetic association that may cause the onset when coupled with other factors. Juvenile arthritis (JA) is not a standalone disease; it is used subtype a variety of inflammatory and autoimmune complications that take place in the joints of individuals under sixteen. While there are various types of JA, there are common symptoms that are shared such as the typical inflammation process of redness, warmth, swelling, and pain. There may also be loss of motion and stiffness present at the affected area. In rare cases, JA may involve internal organs like the spleen and liver, heart, and lymph nodes. Another problem children tend to experience are frequent fevers along with fatigue. However, when the fevers come, they do not happen along with stomach and respiratory infections. What these fevers do come on suddenly, disappear for a while, and return again. JA makes it hard for kids to include themselves in social events and focusing in school which is why the presence of a parent that is there for them physically and emotionally is powerful.

Naturally Relieve Pain with Juvenile Arthritis the Right Way

Chronic pain is the chief complaint in children with JA  and modern medicine alone is not always enough to take it away due to the worry of potential overdose and the effects of building tolerance (needing a stronger dose to have a therapeutic effect). Knowing this, many parents looks at alternative medicine and exercises their kid can do to alleviate the joint pain or take their mind away from it. Baltic Essentials Amber can naturally relieve pain caused by juvenile arthritis due to its high analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Amber controls the pain by dealing with the issue at the source within the body rather than just masking the symptoms. When the beads are warmed from the skin the active agent, succinic acid, it released to the bloodstream where it fights the swelling taking place mainly at the joints. The analgesic promotes additional comfort that can be felt within 30 minutes to an hour after wearing it. Baltic Essentials Amber can relieve joint pain all day when it is worn. Parents can be happy knowing there is no need to worry keeping it on too long or having to deal with side effects.

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