How Can You Determine if Amber is Real or Fake?

How Can You Determine if Amber is Real or Fake?

January 05, 2022 4 min read

Separating Real Amber from the Fakes

There is nothing more insulting than being duped by sellers who promise you a product but give you a less than genuine version. These days, many who create an imitated amber version give you a synthetic product or plastic that do not contain the healing powers of succinic acid that genuine  amber does. ThRelated imageerefore, there are absolutely no benefits involved in having it. Rather than completely relying on words and promises, you want to test the necklace you get to ensure it is authentic. But, how can you determine if amber is real or fake? In order to find out if a business is being honest or not you want to start off by doing a bit of research research. You do not have to be a professional or possess any advanced skills either. It will become possible for you to be able to tell whether amber necklaces are real or fake if you complete any or a combination of the following: 

You Need to Look, Feel and Smell Amber

There is so much you can learn just by looking at amber, which may appear as a clear yellow, orange, red or brown to a black, milky or white opaque color. Spotting a few irregularities are a positive sign you have yourself a true product. Real amber is also warm and light when you hold it, which sets it apart from the fake cold glass that is used. Other fake materials a seller may use are copal, casein, celluloid,  phenolic resin and kauri gum among other things. All these materials are also more dense and have more weight. Still, if these differences are not easy for you to tell apart, you can try tapping it with your tooth. Fake amber emits a hard rattling sensation to the area whereas real amber will provide a gentle tap. When done right, you can also heat the a part of the necklace in question without causing damage. The best way to do this is to twist a pair of thin copper wire and heat the probe you made while holding pliers avoiding your direct hands. Once you heat the probe, test it on an inconspicuous spot or location that may already contain a small hole gently. Real amber will release a fragrant pinewood scent, but fakes will have either no smell or a foul one. Plastics, in particular will also release no smoke. However, copal is the only fake that may also release this a pine-like scent so it is better to follow other tests (Friction, UV light).  

Friction Test

One of the more simpler and safer tests to go about unveiling real orRelated image fake amber is completing a static test. As mentioned, genuine amber is warm so when you rub it against some dry cloth, it becomes negatively charged and attracts dust, lint, or thin confetti paper. Copal, in particular, will become tacky while real amber remains smooth during the process. 

UV Light Test

If you happen to have or know someone who has a UV lamp you can try out this test. Be sure to complete this in a dark room with the right eye protection gear. Under this light, true amber takes on a green or blue color. Other material, such as copal, will not become florescent under the light. 

Solvent Test

Completing the acetone test is best done on raw specimens. Dipping it into the solution will leave the surface of fake amber with discoloration, but not with real amber. You can also use an acetone based product, like nail polish remover. With this test you would add a bit of the acetone on the amber and allow it to evaporate. Again, the result will have no effect on genuine amber although fakes will become tacky.Image result for real vs fake amber water test

Water Test

Another easy test you can try is to put amber in seawater. Create a solution of salt and water using a 1:2 ratio and ensure it is dissolved. Real amber will float above water as it normally would when it is washed up after a Baltic storm in the beaches. Of course, the fakes will do the opposite and fail miserably by sinking.  

Baltic Essentials Ships only Real Amber

If you are looking for real amber you can test out with positive results, look no further than Baltic Essentials Amber. We guarantee you will be sent real amber that meets only the highest of quality standards as we get our amber from the Baltic Sea. When you use a true amber product, you are certain to receive the best results and will be happy to know the product can last you for a long time with proper care. It is possible to relieve yourself from symptoms of pain and feelings of negative emotions when you buy amber from sellers that truly delivery the authentic jewelry. It is all in your power to and its possible you can determine if amber is real or fake on your own.

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