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Is There a Way Amber Necklaces Should Fit Babies?

Is There a Way Amber Necklaces Should Fit Babies?

October 11, 2018 3 min read 1 Comment

Getting the Right Fit for Baby Using Amber

Putting on a necklace is simple, right? It should be nothing more than placing it around the neck, right? Well, yes and no. Is there is a way amber necklaces should fit babies? Absolutely. In order for any product to be safe and effective, you want to learn how to properly use it. The goal is to also keep your kid comfortable. Over time, they may treat it as a second skin and barely notice its even there, especially when you tuck it away from their line of sight. Amber necklaces should be short enough to make it impossible for your baby to be able to place it in their mouth. Nonetheless, it should not sit around their neck too snugly and as with most Image result for babyjewelry, there should be enough space where you can easily place one or two fingers beneath it as it is not meant to fit like a choker. Overall, there should be a minimum of one inch of space between the necklace and your baby's neck. Parents must do this not only to ensure optimal comfort for their baby, but also to make sure they do not attempt to place the beads in their mouth. There are two factors you want to take into consideration when picking the right size for your baby: knowing their weight and age. Generally, you may follow these guidelines when looking for the proper fit:


Safe Necklace Length For your Baby


Newborn - 12 months: 11 inches

5 months - 5 years: 12.5 inches

5 years - 9 years: 14 inches

9 + years: 15+ inches


Many moms and dads find that necklaces around 12.5 inches long is a perfect length namely because the added length allows their kid to grow into it. Additionally, Baltic Essentials sells amber bracelets and children nine months to four years of age should wear bracelets that are 5.5 inches in length. Newborns - 9 months wear them on the ankle. As with the necklaces you do not want the bracelets to fit too snug but there should not be extra space. Whenever your baby is wearing Baltic Essentials, you should supervise them at all times and be sure to remove it whenever they fall asleep.There is a way amber necklaces should fit babies, and when these simple tips are followed your baby can reap the benefits safely. 


Know When to Change Necklaces

Whether you are buying amber necklaces for an infant or an older child, the most helpful way to get the right size is to measure your child's neck before buying  anything. Alternatively, you may measure your child's T-shirt collar to get an accurate measurement. If you do not own a tape measure, you can find printable rulers online and measure it against soft material such as a ribbon.  It is also important that you monitor the fit of the necklace often as your little one gets older so that they can be sized up when needed. Baltic Essentials Amber has an array of necklaces and size for babies to wear into their toddler years, their teen years, and for their adult years. Our company ensures there is a necklace child and kid at heart so they can reap the benefits amber has to offer. We only sell genuine amber from the Baltic Sea and provide the upmost level of care when making the jewelry. We knot and secure our amber necklaces to promote an added level of safety for your baby, and we believe all our customers equally deserve the best.  

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December 31, 2020

Is there a special way to get the newborn necklace to fit. It won’t go over her head.

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