Is Your Child Suffering From Ear Infection?

Get Rid of ear infections in kids

August 31, 2021 3 min read

When Ear Infection is the Problem 

New and veteran parents often do not struggle understanding when it is time to change or feed their baby. Noticing when their baby is sick with a fever or needs to go to sleep are not too complicated either. However, raising a little one is far from easy, and there are plenty of instances where they continuously keep us guessing. One of the last things most parents would suspect happening to their child is an ear infection although nearly 75% of kids get it by the time they are three. In fact, ear infections are the most common diagnosis found in kids after the common cold. Kids under three are most likely to get it because of their underdeveloped immune system. Sometimes the infection can appear on its own or be accompanied by another complication, so it helps to monitor your child to determine which of the two it is. 

Three Types of Ear Infections

  • Acute Otitis Media (AOM) : Infection of the middle ear is seen in kids the most. The central ear is red, swollen, and infected due to fluid being trapped behind the eardrum. This results in ear pain, and it's possible for a child to develop a fever.
  • Otitis Media with Effusion (OME) : Kids may get this type of ear infection after AOM has run its course, and fluid gets trapped behind the eardrum. There are no distinct symptoms, but it is often diagnozed when doctors notice fluid draining behind the ear using an instrument.
  • Chronic Otitis Media with Effusion (COME): This is a more severe version of OME where fluid remains trapped in the middle ear for long periods of time or it continuously recurs. No active infection exists in either, but COME makes it tough for a child to stave off infections. Their hearing may also become compromised.

Symptoms to look For in Ear Infections

When an ear infection exists, it often occurs when the child is not yet able to speak so parents and caregivers have to rely of signs that present itself to let you know something is up with their ear.

  • Trouble with sleeping Image result for ear infection kids symptoms
  • Running a high temperature
  • Vomiting or diarrhea
  • They cry or get fussy
  • Less appetite
  • Clear fluid drains out the ear
  • Pulling or Tugging of the ear
  • Foul/Unpleasant odor from the ar
  • Trouble responding to or listening to quiet sounds
  • Issues with attaining balance

The Ugly Side of Ear Infections

Many parents do not treat ear infections out of malice, but because of their lack of knowledge that it exists. In the event an ear infection is not taken care of, there is a high risk the eardrum will rupture. They seldom ever form, but when rupture do occur, they fortunately heal rather well although it may take a few days or weeks. If ear infections happen often, it can lead to scarring of the eardrum and hearing loss. If that is left untreated, mastoiditis, a rare skull infection present behind the ear, can form. Ensuring ear infections are under control when they do happen ensure a safe and rapid recovery. 

Healing Ear Infections

There is one main step involved when treating ear infections: getting rid of the infection. Once the infection is taken care of, other problems such as the swelling and pain will go away. Although medications are available for ear infections, they can be costly and there use is often not needed in typical cases. Treating ear infections naturally with Baltic Essentials Amber while keeping the area clean is a miracle worker. Amber has analgesic properties that will help ease the ear pain that comes along with the infection as the main problem is treated. The healing anti-inflammatory properties of Amber are released directly to the skin and to the bloodstream with the necklace is worn. Issues with infection and swelling are quickly addressed. Issues of recurrences are also prevented  when kids continue to wear them throughout the day. There are no side effects, but young kids should not wear the necklace around their neck so they do not choke nor keep them on as an anklet when sleeping unsupervised at night. 


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