Natural Options for Easing Chronic Pain

Natural Options for Easing Chronic Pain

January 01, 2017 3 min read

Chronic Pain

Pain is a debilitating feeling that can get to the best of anyone, especially when it is chronic (persists for more than 6 months). According to the Institute of Medicine, over 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain, it is even more of a common issue than stroke, diabetes, and diabetes combined! How is it possible that we sense and experience chronic pain anyway? Well, the nervous system has a funny way of ensuring pain signals continue to transmit to our mind (afferent receptors) and senses (efferent receptors).Chronic Pain

Although everyone experiences and perceives chronic pa
in differently, the source is often due to complications from headaches, infections, autoimmune disorders, illnesses, injuries, and nerve or joint pain that remain active in the central nervous system for months to years. The physical toll (pain, fatigue) it takes on an individual may be accompanied with an emotional toll too (depression, anxiety, stress, changes in sleep patterns, mood, or appetite). Either of the two or a combination can even decrease the amount of natural painkillers the body should normally be able to produce. It is possible for negative feelings from one’s emotions can even amplify the perception of pain.

Chronic Pain can interfere with a Person’s Life

When pain ceases to be a normal function from our central nervous system in order to signal the body of an underlying injury or disease, the pain in itself is something that needs to be addressed because it can be debilitating in a person’s life. Sufferers may find it hard to do basic tasks and grow to hate even the thought of engaging in physical activity. It does not help that others – even family – do not understand the severity of discomfort that those who suffer from chronic pain have to deal with constantly.
Since pain is a very subjective, individual experience, there is no “official test” that can measure how dull or intense it is to someone. Only the person with the pain truly knows the location and quality of the discomfort they are in. Nonetheless, a person with chronic pain may translate the pain as burning or aching when they are explaining it.

The Many Treatment Options

No one likes to be in pain and discomfort, so finding ways to help relieve chronic pain is necessary. Chronic pain is tough to manage, more so if a person grows tolerant of a medication or a technique that used to work is no longer as effective. Because of this, while some people find relief when they implement a single treatment option into Chronic Paintheir lifestyle, it is more helpful to use a combination of treatments.

• Prescribed, OTC medications, Patches
• Yoga
• Surgery 
• Acupuncture
• Surgery
• Biofeedback
• Massage Therapy
• Tai Chi/ Taekwondo
• General Exercise
• Relaxation Techniques like Deep Breathing Exercises 

Baltic Essentials Amber for Chronic Pain

There are so many things a person can do to ease the amount of pain they feel. Finding complementary and alternative methods that decrease your level of pain can benefit how you perceive pain. Baltic Essentials Amber Necklaces are made of fossilized resin and contain succinic acid, which works as an analgesic and helps fight inflammation. The beads are warmed upon contact with the skin where the succinic acid then reaches the bloodstream. When worn, the bracelet can treat pain around the site it is placed.
Whether you are suffering from long-term back pain, joint issues such as arthritis, or autoimmune disorders like ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), Baltic Essentials Amber Necklaces can help ease to eliminate the amount of pain you feel without having to worry about any side effects  Baltic Essentials Necklace for Pain

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