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Natural Remedies for Endometriosis

Treat Endometriosis

November 14, 2018 3 min read

 Herbal Treatments Can be as Effect as Medicine

There are people who turn a blind eye on herbal remedies although herbs are the reason many effective and widely known drugs we use today stem from it. Modern medicine is based on certain properties taken from plants or a known chemical component that has been found to be beneficial is created in laboratories. Using herbal plants are safer and gentler for women to achieve natural pain relief when treating endometriosis.

One thing to keep in mind when taking the herbal path is to try and re-establish hormonal balance within the body. Other herbs that help the body build immune strength should be added afterward. As with many treatment options available, using herbal remedies for the reproductive disorder will require time and dedication in order to see and results.

||Ginger Root/Ginger Tea||

Ginger can help relieve nausea associated with endometriosis, but the benefits do not stop there. It can help detox your system to flush toxins, fight disease-causing bacteria and free radicals due to its antioxidant effects, improve circulation, reduce inflammation and provide migraine and pain relief.

||Fish Oil (Omega-3)||

While you can get the omega-3’s you need by consuming fish, many find it more convenient to use the capsules from trusted, quality brands. Fish oil is made of DHA and EPA (highly unsaturated fats) which help decrease inflammation within the body. Research has found that the anti-inflammatory chemical, prostaglandin E2, found in fish oil may also slow growth of abnormal endometrial tissue.

||Castor Oil||Natural Remedy

Castor oil can help restore hormonal balance while boosting immune function and circulation. It also helps relieve digestive related symptoms such as abdominal pain when 2-4 drops are applied directly over the stomach. Be sure to add a warm compress over the area for the oil to better absorb through the skin.

|| Clary Sage||

The benefits of clary sage are similar to that of castor oil as well as the application process. Alternatively, it can be applied on the ankle once per day. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. Clary sage is a natural estrogen that can even help those suffering from mood swings.

||Milk Thistle||

 Milk thistle works for those with endometriosis due to its ability to cleans, detoxify, and repair the liver in order to remove toxins and restore hormonal equilibrium. It contains silybin, an antioxidant, that helps rid the body of free radicals. At least 150mg should be taken twice a day to see results. Silybin positively affects the liver by increasing the protein production of liver cells. 

||Dong Quai||

Getting rid of adverse effects that estrogen has on endometrial tissues can help decrease the level of inflammation. Dong quai is able to balance the female hormones progesterone and estrogen when either is too high which can also be a benefit for those through menopause. It has been used for thousands of years to help promote women’s health.

||Baltic Amber||

Baltic Essentials Amber can treat pain related to endometriosis naturally due to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Amber is derived from fossilized resin where it is handcrafted into Necklaces and Bracelets that may be worn throughout the day to feel its powers. When Baltic Essentials products are worn, the benefits are transferred from the beads to the body through the bloodstream, and relief can be possible within thirty minutes.Polished Cognac Turquoise 17 Inch Baltic Amber Necklace for Big Kid, Child, or Adult

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