Pregnant Mommies End Pain with Amber

Treat Pregnancy Pain Naturally

January 04, 2018 3 min read

Being Blessed with a Baby

There is no doubt that having a baby is an incredible live changing experience for women (and the lucky man) from the moment of conception to birth. To prepare the delivery, the body goes through a range of changes with some being expected or welcomed, and others not. There is no specific location that goes through a change. The uterus enlarges as the baby grows, blood volume increases, and organs shift to mold with the baby as the maternal circulation provides oxygen and nutrients to the little one. It is both fascinating and beautiful to see such adaptions occur, but let’s be honest, being pregnant is not always fun. Unfortunately, women definitely have their share of discomfort throughout the process. 

Here Comes the Aches and Pain

Pregnant women do not always go through the same problems, but there are similar symptoms many can expect to experience such as the seemingly imminent morning sickness (mostly in the first trimester), bloating, headaches, stomach pain, and edema that often pools to legs. Women may also develop cramps, heartburn, back and breast pain. These “complications” are completely normal during pregnancy, and do not often warrant a trip to the hospital. Still, being pregnant make moms and to-be moms feel a sense of disability every now and then because it is harder to move or complete an activity. Some find the worst period is the first trimesters, other believe it was the second or the third trimester. Of course, this too, is individualistic and depends on the symptoms a mom experiences and tolerance level.   

You Can’t Take Whatever You Want During Pain

Since there is another, more sensitive life, living inside you, mothers have to be more mindful of the things they eat and expose themselves to when they are at home or go out. This is probably the most critical when it comes to taking certain drugs and supplements even when dealing with pain. A lot of drugs are teratogenic, or toxic, to the fetus even if it is safe for adults. Drugs that are safe have to be strictly followed so the mom the does not accidentally overdose. Pregnant women may also be taking a drug that they feel is not working for them, and need something stronger. It becomes a complex game to determine the right drugs that can ease the pain while assessing it is still safe enough to take. Regardless of these measures, there is still a probability that drugs and supplements may affect the fetus when maternal history, conditions as well as food and drug interactions come into play.


Moms: There is a Natural Way to Treat Pain

Moms feel a high sense of wanting to protect their baby when they are pregnant. That desire becomes stronger when they get to see the baby after an ultrasound visit, hear the heartbeat, and feel the baby moving inside of them. It is instinct that makes mothers persevere through the discomfort as much as possible. Still, there are safe and effective techniques and things a mom can do or use to help them through the uneasiness. Moms can end pain during pregnancy naturally by using Baltic Essentials Amber, which has amazing anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. The combination help fight swelling that is going on within the body while easing pain. Succinic acid, the active ingredient of amber is transferred from the beads to the bloodstream after it is warmed from the skin, delivering the benefits
19 Inch Raw Polished Multi Baltic Amber Necklace Bean Leaf Big Kid, Child, Or Adultthroughout the body. Baltic Amberhas no adverse effects, and can be worn on a daily basis.The 100% pure amber is made from pine trees in Northern Europe. Results can be felt as soon as an hour and continue to grow by day 4-7. The potent benefits of the beads last for 3-6 months before needing needing to be replaced, which also makes it affordable. Moms love amber because of its pain relieving abilities they can wear comfortable without having to worry about it being bad for the baby. Baltic Amber can also be worn by children to treat a variety of comment problems they go through such and colic and teething! It is wonderful for the entire family to use at home or anywhere during travel. 

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