The Four Stages of Acne

Living with Acne

November 14, 2018 3 min read

Living with Pimples on Your Face

It's interesting how there are times we wake up one morning and notice an unwanted lump on our face. Pimples may appear few and far between or they may appear often and nest in many areas on our face. We often feel extremely unlucky when acne seems to make a home out of our face, never really leaving. Knowing which stage you often fall helps define its level of severity, what options there are to treat it, and how long it may take to get better. 

First Stage of Acne

The first stage is the mildest form of acne where people may notice that they have blackheads, whiteheads, and small pimples. The most common areas these signs occur is on the forehead or nose, and teens are most likely to suffer from this stage. Nonetheless, adults are just as likely to develop this form of acne, especially the black- or whiteheads on the nose. There are usually no active signs of inflammation although the person is breaking out and small blemishes can be seen.

Second Stage of Acne

The second stage is classified as moderate acne where comedones tend to appear on the skin. There is a high chance that pustules, papules, and nodules are present as well that most find are sensitive to the touch. The cheeks, chin, and forehead are primary locations where the breakouts occur. It is usually a local problem and does not typically spread to other areas of the body other than the face.

Third Stage of Acne

Like the first two stages, breakouts do not tend go beyond the face although there is a chance it will in some cases. During the third stage, inflammation is now in effect to a great degree and signs such as pain and redness are common. Papules, pustules, and nodules continue to be present. Problems such as scarring and hyperpigmentation are likely to take place after the pimples heal, but if addressed properly, can heal.

Fourth Stage of Acne

The last stage is, of course, the most severe with the skin not only having pustules, nodules, and papulues -- troublesome cysts are a problem too. Most people experience breakouts often and may suffer from those breakouts moving to other areas like the back, neck, chest, and buttocks. Scarring and hyperpigmentation is especially likely in this severe stage that can cause permanent damage to the skin. The appearance of cysts have the highest possibility of disfiguring the skin.

An Incredible Way to Control Acne

 No matter how prevalent of a thing acne is around the world, it's emergence is never welcome because it can make individuals overly cautious of themselves. Whether you are trying to control your acne and prevent them from coming or have an active breakout you want to heal, there are solutions available. Getting rid of the bacteria and inflammation are two important keys to know if you want to control your acne. Baltic Essentials Hazelwood can heal acne naturally, and is an amazing option for those who want to get rid of the issue without having to resort to applying chemicals on the skin. Amber possesses analgesic properties that can ease pain as well and anti-inflammatory properties that assist with any redness and truly treating the problem from the inside. The benefits of Baltic Essentials work on acne directly by transferring from the beads to the body and to the bloodstream in order to fight off the infection while providing a preventative barrier. Amber may be just the thing you need to help you get rid of your acne woes.

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