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The Link Between Thiamine and Cancer Pain

Thiamine and Cancer Pain

March 20, 2017 3 min read

Unveiling the First of the B Vitamins

There are several B vitamins that are important for use in the body. Vitamin B1,or Thiamine, was discovered as being the first B vitamin –  hence its numeral placement. Kanehiro Takaki was a Japanese doctor who first noticed the nutritional factor it contains in foods like milk and vegetables. Robert Koch, a Dutch physician, discovered that anyone who had a deficiency in the complex vitamin would develop beriberi which can cause extreme weakness. Sufferers would also develop symptoms such as anorexia, irritability and tingling, numbing and burning sensations at the extremities as their
condition worsened. Knowing that the vitamin exists and a lack of it may come with severe consequences was a significant finding that is still important for people to understand today in their everyday diet.


Best Vitamin B1Sources

 It was not until 1926 until vitamin Bwas isolated in its true form by two Dutch scientists. In 1936 there was now a synthesized form and its chemical structure, thiamine, was named by Robert Williams. Thankfully, today, vitamin B1 deficiency is rare as foods are now fortified with this vitamin. High sources in thiamine are greens like asparagus, spinach, romaine lettuce or cabbage and black, navy, kidney or pinto beans. The water soluble vitamin plays a key role in the metabolism of carbs, fats and proteins. It is also needed to aid the nervous and cardiac systems and ensure that both work properly as a lack of it would cause complications pertaining to these systems.

 Vitamin B1

The Rise of Cancer and Pain

As mentioned, people should have enough vitamin Bif they wish to prevent any unwanted issues to their bodily functions. Thiamine and CancerIt's scary to think that even the progression of cancer and discomfort are increased in those diagnosed with a form of cancer who do not seem to be getting enough (the average adult should take at least 1-2 milligrams per day).
Too much is not good either, and an excess of the vitamin in your body can result in the appearance of tumors -- namely for those who do have cancer and are undergoing cancer therapy. Keeping the right balance between the two is a must for everyone, but extra consideration should be taken with those who have cancer.

Baltic Amber for Cancer Pain

Vitamins are nutrients; they are needed just as much as the need to eat food and water. Knowing this, monitoring your blood levels by getting blood work done is vital for those who are dealing with a type of cancer. The pain that comes with cancer can be discomforting and even unbearable for some. While there are many medicinal options available, there are limits to its use and considerations to be aware of in regards to undesired effects it may have.

Alleviating the discomfort from cancer can improve just by improving your diet, and there are natural alternatives too that may be  used alone or as a combination with what you are doing. Baltic Essentials Amberhelps ease pain from cancer due to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects that work just from its benefits transferring to your skin. Baltic Essentials uses pure amber to make quality beads where you can where it all day and soak in its benefits without having to worry about any side effects. 


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