Here's what some of our customers have to say:

~It's perfect and even prettier than the picture. The clasp broke on my baby's old necklace (not one of your necklaces) and she's been without since friday. She's been very grumpy compared to usual this weekend and extra drooly. I put her necklace on as soon as it arrived, and her drooling stopped within the hour. She was laughing and talking to everyone until bedtime...which was also the easiest bedtime we've had since Friday. Works like a charm. Also, I bought another necklace for my middle child a while ago and it's holding up great. It hasn't come off since it arrived and he's a much more pleasant and happy child. Thanks again!

~Thank you ! I love the rainbow ones and the dark ones for my son are so adorable and he has been really happy and smiling after I put them On him when he was soo cranky all he'd do is scream All day nothing helped not teethers not organic numbing medication nothing! These are a miracle

~ We LOVE LOVE LOVE our necklace! She had been so very fussy and now her fussiness is completely gone! Thank you!

~Thanks again! It looks really cute on my baby and had helped tremendously with teething and her overall well being ?

~I bought this necklace for my son 4 months old. He was having too much discomfort from teething. When I put the necklace on him, in less than 30 minutes I saw the effect. Now I dont want to take it off.

~Thank you so very much! It's really nice to do business with a company that actually cares. I really wasn't expecting that.

~Wanted to share this photo with you. The past two days despite medication and cold compressions my eye still remained red and inflamed. So last night I decided to skip medication before bed and wear the Baltic Amber necklace which was worn around my ankle. This photo shows both the past two days with no relief and one of this morning when I woke up after only wearing the Baltic Amber for 8 hours! Truly amazing!!! 


~So my toddler had a 102.8 fever Friday and was super whiny. The dr said we couldn't do anything but give him tylenol. I decided against it and put on his amber necklace instead. I can't say for certain that it was what got rid of his fever but a few hours after I put it on him he stopped whining and was able to sleep and was calmer. The next morning his fever was significantly lower and he was like his normal self. Usually when he gets a virus it takes a huge toll on him and he won't sleep, eat, and whines all day. I really think this necklace has helped him get through this and I'm so grateful!

~Thanks so much. My little girl was drug exposed. See she is are foster child. She will be ours in a few months. But we first came to you all for the Hazelwood necklace. For the Gas, fussiness, spit up, acid reflux. She is lucky to be alive with all the drugs that was in her system when she was born. May 23, 2016 we received the call for her and didn't leave with her for 6 days after that. She spent 16 days of her life in the hospital being whined off the drugs. She had Meth, hydrocoden, herion, weed in her system. Because of all these drugs she had to go to Soy Formula because she couldnt keep any formula down. Finally when she was about 3 1/2 months old she started to teeth so a friend of mine shown me your site. So I did some exploring and seen the Hazelwood. I was kind of skeptical at first. But, put it on her. She almost stopped spitting altogether. She would still have some here and there. Some may say oh well no big deal. But if you seriously knew how much she spit up before you would be ordering for all your friends. But as soon as we would take it off a few hours later she would be back to spitting up. But now she is a little over 1 year old has not had much issues at all. Now she is having some anger issues due to the drugs so we decided to buy her the rainbow, honey, amber, pink rose quartz, amethyst necklace. So we are excited to see what things it will do. Thanks for your company.