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Essential Oil hypo-allergenic 316L Surgical Stainless Steel Diffuser Spidie's Web

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Essential Oil Pendant Diffuser Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace Jewelry Stainless Locket 30mm sized locket

PENDANT ONLY does not include chain or pads.

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~ Elegant - Stainless Steel Locket Pendant Necklace For Aromatherapy On The Go! **OPTIONAL - 3 WASHABLE Pads & Chain (black, white, & pink)!

A unique, locket style aromatherapy necklace so you can now wear your essential oils anywhere.
•Every essential oil necklace OPTIONAL 3 washable, highly absorbent synthetic felt pads  
•Your diffuser necklace is made from premium, hypo-allergenic stainless steel for long life and durability. A piece of jewelry made to last a lifetime
•Strong magnetic closures and solid back insure you never have to worry about getting oil on your clothes
•Buy with confidence!  

The Baltic Essentials essential oil diffuser necklace is made from 316L surgical stainless steel.

The unique design stands out when a colored essential oil pad is placed in the locket.  With the variety of colored oil pads, the aromatherapy diffuser necklace can be worn with any attire and look beautiful!  The unique back of the locket is completely flat so it sets against your chest where the warmth helps to release the effects of the essential oils.

The locket has a small notch on the side that makes it easy to open the top so you can insert a oil pad yet it stays securely shut with the help of 2 small magnets and a security pin.  The locket will not come open accidentally.

Size: 3cm (30mm) round and 4mm in depth.

The diffuser necklace comes with a 24″ stainless steel chain and 3 colored felt pads for essential oils.

How To Use Our Diffuser Necklaces?

Using our essential oil jewelry is easy.  For these lockets you open the locket notch on the side of the locket.  Once open, insert a oil pad and add 3-6 drops of your favorite essential oil then close the locket.  We recommend you use the same oil on each pad for best results.  For example, you can use lavender on the purple pad and Thieves (or something similar) on the red pad. However, the pads are completely washable.

We have had some ask if they should place them in the sun to recharge them. However, we have not personally tested this. In fact, we did a little research and found that gemstones can actually fade in the sun!! The jewelry we wear has never needed to be placed in the sun to work.

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Sized to fit:


5.5 Inches: fit most babies on the ankle until around 8-10 months and on the wrist until around 5 years.

6.5 Inches - 9 Inches: for Adults.


11 Inches: fit most newborns through 11 months

12.5 Inches: fit most 5 months through 5 years

14 Inches: fit most 5 years through 12 years

15 Inches: fit most 9 years through 17 years

17-22 Inches: fit most Teen through Adult

To measure, use a string to the desired length and add about .75 - 1 Inch. For babies, put 3 fingers inside the string to get a snug fit. Actual size may vary .5 Inches +/- from listed size.