Baby Not Sleeping at Night? Try Amethyst

By Kristen M. Miller
on June 07, 2016
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Rock your Baby to Sleep with Amethyst

Sleep? What sleep?

The one thing every new parent dreads about bringing home their new little bundle of joy (aside from changing diapers), is the first few months of going without sleep. It takes a newborn a while to figure out her own natural circadian rhythm, or periods of restfulness and wakefulness.  Most humans are awake during the day and asleep at night, which is what most parents attempt to train their newborns to do; but when you’re used to being inside a nice comfy tummy and doing whatever you want whenever you want, establishing a regular rhythm is a daunting task.  In addition to learning when to be awake and when to be asleep, a newborn’s body also has to adjust to regular mealtimes so that they sleep through the night after dinner.  

Those several weeks that it takes a newborn to get into the groove can be extremely harsh on a parent. Newborns typically wake 2-3 times during the night to feed and be changed, and have no respect for dad’s alarm clock.  Then it’s a long day of more feeding, more diaper changing, naps, laundry, dishes, taking care of other children, cooking and keeping the house in order.  It’s brutal! Plus a crying baby at night tends to wake up everyone in the household, so no one gets any rest at all; tempers flare and everyone seems to be grumpy and irritable. 

So many choices...

There are many, many methods to helping a newborn establish a good wakeful/restful routine. Everyone has a different opinion on what works best and what doesn’t; some people say to leave the baby alone and let her fall into her own natural rhythm and some people say to not let the baby sleep as much during the day.  Should you force a baby into a schedule that mimics the rest of the family’s schedule, or let her pick it up on her own? Is it ok to make a newborn wake up from a nap and take a bottle at a certain time, or should you just feed her when she’s hungry?  It’s very confusing and being sleep deprived doesn’t make those questions any more clear.

What can you do?

There is something that mothers have used for centuries to help their babies get on a schedule – Amethyst.  Known throughout the world, Amethyst was used by the ancients as a sleep stone, to help young children sleep peacefully through the night, and instill a sense of calm and peace. has baby necklaces featuring Amethyst and Hazelwood that not only promote a proper circadian rhythm, but also aid digestion.  One reason babies wake during the night is because of acid reflux, or having too much stomach acid. Hazelwood absorbs excess acid and brings the body to a more neutral pH level.

So if your baby is still up and down like a roller coaster and you’re so tired you can’t remember what day it is, give Amethyst a chance and follow in the footsteps of ancient mothers who have relied on it for thousands of years to help their babies sleep.

How Lapis Lazuli And Amethyst Can Aid In Toddler Frustration

By Abby Logiste
on June 01, 2016

Ease frustration in Kids

The Fussy, Angry, and Crying Child

We often refer temper tantrums as uncontrollable and fussy behavior when our toddler acts out too much. Every parent is familiar with the screaming, kicking, or crying they do from time to time. No matter what type of episode they go through, toddlers can become overwhelmed with stress, frustration, anxiety and even sadness.  


Going from ten back to one can be a task, but there are ways you can help your toddler anytime they are overly frustrated. Stones and crystals are excellent methods that have been balancing the body with their healing properties for thousands of years. Our bodies are naturally receptive to gemstones and crystals because they are comprised of mineral silicon-dioxide at a cellular level. When they are placed directly on our bodies, they have a powerful vibratory effect which surges from the crystal (or stone) directly to the bloodstream.


Ease Temper Tantrums in Toddlers Naturally


The deep cobalt blue stone, Lapis Lazuli, has existed for hundreds of thousands of years and is the oldest stone known to man. It is known as the stone of protection and is able to recognize a psychic attack (anxiety or tantrum), and block it while returning the unwanted negative energy back to it’s source. Lapis is also beneficial for the throat, larynx and vocal cords and quickly releases any stress in these areas, allowing the body to feel peace and serenity.

Amethyst, the calming stone, is a natural stress reliever. It is able to soothe irritability, dispel anxiety and alleviate sadness. Ancient Egyptians over thousands of years ago, prized amethyst because of its beauty and healing properties. It calms the mind by ridding the space of negative energy, allowing relaxation and inner peace to take over. Amethyst is proven to help reduce tension headaches that even toddlers can suffer from after a “temper tantrum”.


Due to the hysterical nature of these episodes, or temper tantrums, they can bring a lot of discomfort and anxiety to our little ones even after they calm down. Baltic Essentials Hazelwood Blue Lapis Lazuli and Ameythyst Necklace can help alleviate stress and anxiety by promoting clarity and relaxation in your child. It is perfect for parent and child alike!


Keep in mind that our necklaces are not for toddlers to chew on and should be removed during naps and when unsupervised.

The Use of Amethyst Necklace for stress, strain, anger, rage, and anxiety

By Abby Logiste
on March 09, 2016
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Ease Negative Emotions with Amber


The beauty of an Amethyst Necklace may really attract you upon seeing it. But do you know that it has meaningful role behind its enticing beauty? Many people use amethyst stones without the knowledge that it is extremely beneficial for the mind and body. Women, in particular, wear Amethyst solely because it is a good looking stone with an alluring color. You can wear it every day knowing there are health benefits that make it the perfect gift -- even to yourself--  for everyday use. Here learn why using amethyst stone is a perfect idea. 

Benefits of Amethyt

Our Baltic Essentials Amethyst Necklace serve purposes that are helpful in promoting positivity and absorbing negativity. It is a wonderful natural method anyone can use to treat negative emotions. The amethyst stones also provides a beneficial fighting effect for the following:

  • stress strain
  • irritability
  • balancing mood swings
  • dispelling anger
  • rage fear
  • anxiety

These forms of mental and emotional strains are caused by various life situations that can happen to anybody. It normal to feel angry, sad, fearful, or stressed from time to time, but it should not be excessive. An individual can actually motivate themselves to remain as positive as they can in an adverse situation and fight negative feelings that linger for too long. Still, many of us can agree it can be hard to do even when we try to shake off those feelings. Wearing an Amethyst Necklace will provide you with that added boost, and help you fight off the fear, anxiety, anger, depression or mood swings. Anyone who wears the necklace is guaranteed to have therapeutic and spiritual effects from it. Our Necklace is not only comprised of amethyst, there are also two types of gems that make the jewelry piece more effective: 

Mixed with Baltic Amber for inflammation:  Perfect for issues like fever, colds. adults arthritis, carpal tunnel, sciatica, or for babies teething pain,

Mixed with hazelwood for gut issues: Perfect for issues like GERD, colic, acid reflux, eczema, heart burn, ulcers.

How an Amethyst Necklace Works?

Wearing an Amethyst Necklace should not be thought of as a necessity you should prioritize using. Instead, think of it as another way of reducing your mental and emotional strains you experience every day; think of it as a resource that can help you when you are feeling down or upset or want to be more in tune with your emotions. In wearing this stone (amethyst), the energy coming from it helps connect with the wearers' emotions. Its proven effect for stimulating one’s emotions is able to reach the areas of an individual’s consciousness and provide an up-lifting effect. With that in mind, extreme emotions are reduced and stabilized within one's mental and emotional core feels peaceful and more relaxed. The amethyst stone is one of the most effective way to counter mental and emotional strains caused by the environment or within ourselves. 

The Amethyst Necklace is also proven to reach this energy within the heart to keep anyone who wears it more calm. The potent energy that transfers to a person will keeps you feeling more relaxed, and balanced (mentally and emotionally). Its balancing effect -- on the emotional and on the mental level -- is an essential way to keep these negative strains at bay and away from lingering in the mind too long. 

You can think of it is an instrumental channel for fighting mental and emotional strains. Understanding the wondrous ability it has on the mind and body helps you realize it is more than just a simple accessory; there is much more value to it. Let Baltic Essentials be the online store you trust to go to search for effective and quality amethyst necklaces for everyday use.

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