Hazelwood –The Acid Pacifier

Ease Acid Burn Naturally

August 31, 2016 2 min read

The Wonders of Hazelwood

Hazelwood acts as an anti acidic agent in our body, which means that it controls all the excess acid formulated in our body due to our food, the environment or exercise habits. The modern method of eating these days tends to cause variety of acidic reactions in our body. Internal complications within the body can also lead to the formation of acidity in our body. For example, an abundant amount of acid can be formed in the body, and move up from your stomach to the esophagus when a person has what is called a Hiatal Hernia. Hiatal Hernias are a major symptom of acid reflux. Heartburn is caused when the acid moves from stomach to the chest.

Those with Digestive Issues can Benefit from Hazelwood 

Those that suffer from digestive issues like heartburn and hiatal hermias will find that Baltic Essentials Hazelwood will work tremendously for them and ease the issue no matter how the symptoms of the disorder started. Both are also associated with discomfort or pain, and Hazelwood can help ease that too. 

When our Hazelwood Cherry Necklace is worn across the neck, the helps regulates the skin and stabilizes the acidic formation developed inside the body. Most other treatments mask the issue to "treat" digestive issues; however hazelwood helps treat the problem directly from the source by neutralizing the body when the system is out of whack. Hazelwood is made of alkaline that has capacity to act against high acidic levels within the body.It helps regulate acidic and alkaline levels and balance it out in order to help fight against the inflammation caused in the stomach or elsewhere in the body due to acidic reactions.

pH is a scale that refers to the measurement of acidic or alkaline. When the score of this scale is below 7 it is calculated as acidic and as it goes higher than 7 it becomes alkaline and this can be tested in our morning urine. Hazelwood forms reactions on our skin and starts functioning as an alkaline by maintaining our pH level and gives recovery from those dreadful acidic burns. 

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