Breathe Easy with Asthma using Baltic Essentials Amber with Turquoise

Treat Asthma Naturally

April 11, 2016 4 min read 1 Comment

Baltic Essentials is a Natural Treatment for Asthma

Longer days and warmer temperatures start creeping in and little by little and notice you are losing the bulky layers of clothes that kept you warm. This can only signify one thing: Spring is here! Or at least, it’s working on it. Parts of the country are witnessing a range in temps from the 30s to the 70s, some even experience this in the same week! It appears we still have a while to go before we get to pack up those warm winter coats for good.

The flip/flop from cold to warm weather and back again may be nothing for most people, but with anyone with asthma, the change can be an irritating occurrence. Many asthma sufferers experience an increase in symptoms when there is a fluctuation in temperatures during a seasonal change, including coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, and/or tightness in the chest.

What Is Asthma, And Why Does Seasonal Change Affect It?

Asthma is a  chronic and long-term condition that affects the lungs and occurs when the airways become inflamed and start to constrict, unpleasantly tightening the airways.The narrowing of the airway may be paired with an overproduction of mucous that can make breathing that much more difficult -- even life-threatening. While not the case for everyone, many asthma sufferers notice their flare ups worsen anytime there is an abrupt change in temperature a shift in seasons or a sudden storm. Cold, dry air tends to tighten lungs, which is typically the worst trigger for asthma symptoms; hot, humid conditions can contribute as well. A constant back-and-forth between two temperatures can easily lead to discomfort for asthmatics. Any sudden change in air pressure can also potentially inflame the airways. It is vital to make sure you are prepared during seasonal transitions because it is an essential part of maintaining your respiratory health when you have asthma. 

How Can One Treat Asthma?

Typically, asthmatics are prescribed an inhaler by their doctor, which releases measured doses of a steroid that allow the lungs to open, and making breathing easy again. Still, because there is no real cure for asthma, the inhaler as only effective for addressing any outward symptoms, such as shortness of breath when the body is under attack. For anyone with severe asthma, the inhaler can be life-saving, and should be carried at all times.

Preventative measures such as keeping rooms as free of dust as possible and shutting the windows during pollen season can help keep asthma attacks at bay. These measure are always recommended, whether you rely on an inhaler or not.

There is also a naturopathic route where the goal is to keep inflammation of the airways at a minimum. It is done by eating foods that are rich in anti-inflammatory properties, such as ginger, honey, garlic, or figs. However, natural solutions for asthma aren’t limited to systemic options just these options alone. Baltic Essentials Amber Turquoise, which has been used for thousands of years to treat various ailments, from toothaches to migraines, can also provide relief for anyone living with asthma.

What Makes Baltic Essentials Amber Effective?

Because asthma is the result of an inflamed airway, the naturally anti-inflammatory properties found in Baltic amber can help prevent an attack from coming on before it starts, thus serving as a natural treatment for asthma. Baltic amber is considered highly therapeutic due to the succinic acid it contains, which has been known to boost immune system functions. When it is worn around the neck, the body’s natural heat warms the baltic amber, causing it to release the essential compound into the body. Ultimately, it helps improve the airflow to the lungs as well as to the circulatory system.

The Baltic Essentials Rainbow Cognac Necklace contains Baltic amber, rose quartz, amethyst, green fluorite, Turquoise, and purple fluorite. Turquoise is a known natural stone to help provide the asthmatic body with much needed anti-inflammatory properties, lower stress, and detoxify the system. When paired with any of the above mentioned treatment solutions, a Baltic Essentials Amber piece worn around the neck warms and soothes the throat and airways, giving asthma sufferers their best shot at breathing easy, regardless of the weather outside. Navigate though to find an array of products that serve as a natural treatment for asthma. 


Baltic Essentials is a Natural Treatment for Asthma+


A recent testimony: I bought this necklace for my 5 year old daughter to help with her asthma. I have it paired with another Amber necklace because this one is only half Amber but I'm told the turquoise helps "purify the air around you" by the makers of this necklace. Well, she went hunting with her dad for three days (in the cold) and they stayed in the home of two smokers who won't go outside (yes I know it's bad but she wanted to go and there was nowhere else for them to stay). Normally, a few hours there would have her coughing for days. She came home and hasn't hardly coughed at all! And I've seen a marked improvement on her symptoms as a whole even with going into winter and the weather going back and forth so much here. Hopefully, if her symptoms remain this good, she will be off her asthma meds next spring or summer! 

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Deirdre o leary
Deirdre o leary

October 01, 2018

Can ye please send me a price for the amber beads for asthma as i can not buy them in ireland

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