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Don’t Forget Grandma This Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Gift for Grandma

April 20, 2016 3 min read

A Grandma

She was born during the Great Depression and lived through World War II. She can remember bread lines, meat rationing, Victory Gardens, and war bonds.  She raised her kids during the Cold War, and feared nuclear attack; she wept when her baby was drafted and sent to Vietnam.  She made it through the Civil Rights Era of the 60’s, the gas shortages of the 70’s, the economic collapse of the 80’s and the Desert Storm 90’s.  She watched the sun come up on a new millennium that she couldn’t have fathomed as a young girl.  She is a living history book.

Her once-nimble fingers deftly sewed dresses and doll outfits, canned jars of pickles and knitted hats. Her hands could wield a rake in the fall and a hoe in the spring; they learned to type on a typewriter and how to steer a car.  Those hands could spank the bottom of a naughty child and just as easily wipe away tears.  Her hands held her babies, then her children’s babies, and then their babies; her hands have rocked and soothed and worked and played for 4 generations.

Now she looks at her hands and sees only the feebleness of age. Her fingers, once long and slender, are now crooked and gnarled with arthritis. Her skin, once smooth and supple, is now paper-thin and dotted with age spots.  The lines and wrinkles on her hands tell the story of her lifetime of joy and sorrow.  The same hands that held the hand of her love on their wedding day, also held his hand as he slipped beyond the sunset.  Her hands that held the hand of her little girl crossing the street, also held her hand as she was wheeled into the operating room for a mastectomy. 

Her love for her family is eternal, like the flame of a torch passed from member to member. Her family has always looked to her for strength and guidance and wisdom, but now she has to rely on her family for the strength to put one foot in front of the other.  What could you possibly give to the woman who has given so much for decade upon decade?


Baltic Amber Necklace As a Gift For Grandma

A Baltic Amber Necklace from Baltic Essentials is just as eternal as grandma’s love.  It is mined in the Baltic where it was deposited in the days of the dinosaurs, and even Stone Age cavemen recognized its value.  The mysterious healing properties of amber have been chronicled since the time of the ancient Greeks, by the first physician himself, Hippocrates.  It was a common treatment for pain and inflammation throughout the Middle Ages, and continues to this day, some 13,000 years after its first discovery by humans, to be a natural drug-free treatment for the pain and stiffness of arthritis. 

A Baltic Essentials Amber necklace is the perfect gift for grandma this Mother’s Day, and for a limited time only, BalticEssentials.comhas Baltic Essentials Amber Necklaces for15% off with the coupon code MOMSDAY.  They are available in a variety of natural shades, from lemon yellow to dark cherry and their 21 inch length means she can easily slip it over her head without having to fumble with a clasp.  She may not understand how or why Baltic Amber works, but she will understand that she is loved and appreciated this Mother’s Day, and you will know that helping her feel better is the best gift you can give to a woman who has given everything. The attractive necklace has anti-inflammatory properties that can also ease joint pain and arthritis, 

baltic essentials amber necklace for grandma with arthritis, baltic essentials amber necklace for grandma with carpal tunnel

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