Using Baltic Essentials Amber to Treat Adult Tooth Pain

Relieve Tooth Pain

May 11, 2016 3 min read

Tooth Pain

Adult tooth pain, whether chronic or acute, can be caused by several reasons including dental decay, an injury, or infection. While there are endless possibilities as to why one could fall victim to an infection or cavity, it is always suggested that one consult their dentist for an exact diagnosis if pain does not subside.

Tooth ache vs Inflammation

Often times, we can confuse a toothache due to swelling of the gums known as inflammation. Our gums are the supporting structure and foundation to our teeth. When they are puffy, red or irritated, discomfort can occur giving us an unpleasant experience. Keep in mind that inflammation can accompany tooth ache along with other symptoms.  

To help decrease inflammation or toothache, dental professionals recommend brushing your teeth twice a day or after each mean, floss at least once a day, and visit your denist for regular oral examinations and deep cleaning. It will drastically lower the plaque volume in the mouth, which is naturally formed because our mouths are the perfect environment (dark and moist), to allow bacteria to grow.

Even when we follow these healthy habits, tooth and gum pain can still pester us and an ayurvedic, or whole-body, approach may be just what we need. Ayurveda is based on the belief that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body and spirit. 

Natural Treatment for Tooth Pain and Gum Pain

 Tips That Help Alleviate Tooth Pain and Inflammation 

  • Gently remove any food particles in between the teeth
  • Rinse your mouth using salt and warm water 
  • Apply a cold compress outside the cheek if there is trauma
  • Switch to eating primarily soft foods and fluids 
  • Numb the area that is painful around the gums

At the end of the day, pain is pain whether it is due to inflammation or a tooth ache, so pain relief is important. The healing properties of Baltic Amber date back thousands of years to our early ancestors who used this effective and natural remedy to treat tooth and gum pain. Baltic Essentials Amber is a resin from the pine tree family that has been fossilized to become very hard. Studies suggest that Baltic Amber’s properties have the ability to relieve and dull pain, as well as reduce inflammation.

Baltic Amber, when warmed, releases an oil, and within this oil is a component called succinic acid. Succinic acid is used to block pain and inflammation, much like ibuprofen. This makes Amber the most sought after Amber for therapeutic purposes.


Baltic Essentials Amber Can Relieve Tooth Pain and Inflammation

A few reasons Baltic Essentials Amber can be used to ease tooth pain and/or inflammation:

  1. Tooth Pain or inflammation due to sinus infections or allergies
  2. Tooth Pain or inflammation due to wisdom tooth removal (or any postoperative tooth removal)
  3. Bruising due to trauma to the head and/or neck area that causes tooth pain Sometimes we cannot get to a dentist right away, in the meantime we can lessen pain with Baltic Essentials Amber

Sometimes we cannot get to a dentist right away, in the meantime we can lessen pain with Baltic Essentials Amber. The Baltic Essentials Amber Necklace for Teens & Adults relies on the release of the succinic acid rich properties to treat the body. The beads gently warm with our body temperature promoting the release of the healing oils. Our body will absorb them and naturally begin the healing process of blocking the pain receptors and lowering inflammation. It is important to wear the Baltic Essentials Amber necklace as close to the painful site as possible and for an extended period of time.


By: Jackie Paisal, Registered Dental Hygienist



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