Achieve Inner Harmony with Lapis Lazuli and Relieve Stress

Achieve Inner Harmony with Lapis Lazuli and Relieve Stress

May 12, 2016 3 min read

Daily Life and Stress 

Traffic. Deadlines. Pollution. Demands. Bills. Obligation. Screaming Kids. Annoying Bosses. There a million things that we do in our daily lives that add up, and may cause use to feel stressed, overwhelmed, anxious and out of balance. Most of the time, you can handle these daily stressors because of the body's ability to adapt, but over time, it can be too much too handle. More so if you are dealing with chronic stressors. At first, it may seem as if the stress is minor; however, before you know it, it can be larger than you suspected. Before you know it, you find yourself overwhelmed with feelings and thoughts; you are anxious and worried; little thing seems bigger than they are you start to blow certain things out of proportion. 

You may even find yourself feeling adrift and out-of-sorts, unsure of which way to go. It seems like every time you turn to a corner, you encounter another unexpected problem. Even the most upbeat and optimistic people can get run down with the stress of life, and everyone needs help finding their way back to peace and harmony and balance.

Sure, there are several things you can do to cope and make it through those confusing times, like practicing yoga or breathing techniques; you can even keep a journal or post positive affirmations around your home.  However, some may only work in the moment while others still can't seem to relieve stress, especially when you have to go out. 

Relieve Stress with Baltic Essentials Lapiz & Hazelwood Necklace

But there is one thing you cantake with you everywhere when you want relieve stress: a beautiful Baltic Essentials Lapis Lazuli and Hazelwood NecklaceHow could a simple necklace help you stay balanced, even when you’re under stress? The secret lies in the two main materials that make the necklace: Hazelwood and Lapis Lazuli.

Hazelwood is a woody shrub native to Canada that has been used for hundreds of years by aboriginals to make the body more alkaline. The wood has a unique ability to draw excess acidity out of the body, thereby balancing your pH levels and improving overall health. 

Lapis Lazuliis a stone prized by the ancients for its ability to enhance self-awareness and self-expression. The stone is most commonly associated with the Third Eye chakra of the forehead, which is responsible for intuition as well as sense of purpose and direction. If you are over-anxious and your imagination is running wild with all sorts of negative outcomes, then Lapis Lazuli can help restore balance to your Third Eye chakra.

Yoga and meditating excellent ways you can relief stress, but many find it is not possible to do any time or anywhere when they need it, such as at work. The great thing about the Baltic Essentials Lapiz Lazuli and Hazelwood Necklaceis that you do not have to to anything; it will relieve stress for you with its healing properties. You can go wherever you want with it to keep those anxious feelings at bay.

Isn’t it worth having an extra layer of defense from the world’s daily stressors that can help you maintain your inner harmony? And isn’t it better to have that defense mechanism come from the earth, rather than from a pill bottle? Go to and get your worried and overwhelmed emotions back into balance- naturally.

Relieve stress with Baltic Essentials Lapis Lazuli and Hazelwood Necklace

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