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The Best Natural Solution for Acute Pain

The Best Natural Solution for Acute Pain

November 14, 2018 2 min read

The Perception of Pain

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We are able to recognize pain, an unpleasant sensory and psychological experience, from actual or potential damage to tissue due to pathways that communicate to the brain. Pain receptors, or nociceptors, are activated from the site and play an active role in letting the body know that something is not right. There are endless possibilities linked to the cause of pain. Acute pain is complex and can be difficult to diagnose as much as it is to treat. Acute pain is self-limiting and may stay for as short as a few hours or as long as a few weeks, but no longer than three months. The autonomic system will activate, and you may notice shallow breathing, sweating, guarding, grimacing, pupil dilation, paleness, hypertension, and tachycardia. In the event acute pain is not cared for as effectively as it should be, infections, decreased immunity, and hypercoagulability can occur. The chances that acute pain may turn into chronic pain is there, and ideally, you want to treat a problem before it gets to that stage.

Managing the Pain

Although you can tell someone that you are in pain and describe how it feels, how intense it is, how long it lasted and if there is something that ease the pain or makes it worse, you alone understand your pain better than anyone else. You can tell if the discomfort is something you can handle or if you need other options to get your mind off it or reduce the level of pain. There are times we just need to rest the area, apply some ice or warmth or partake in activities as a form of distraction and its as if the pain never existed in the first place. When you do have to resort to using other options to feel better, those options do not necessarily have to include using drugs that are costly or contain harsh chemicals. Easing pain can be managed holistically without using medications.

Natural Cure for Acute Pain

When you need a little bit of help to cope with acute pain from an injury, surgery, or illness, Baltic Essentials Amber is the perfect natural option available. Amber is derived from fossilized resin from trees and contains potent anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. The active substance, known as succinic acid, is released from the beads and travels to the bloodstream after it is warmed from the body. Amber helps get rid of the swelling, redness, heat and pain associated with physical injuries. It can also restore the immune system and increase one's energy levels if they are low. Adults and kids can use Baltic Essentials Amber for a variety of acute pain issues and is excellent for those experiencing discomfort from the common cold or a fever. It is common to feel weak and lack the energy to do even simple tasks when you are in pain, and Amber can also help restore energy levels so you can return to feeling better sooner than you thought.

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