Tackling Daily Headaches Naturally Once and For All

Natural Treatment for Daily Headaches

January 30, 2018 3 min read

Dealing with Troublesome Headaches

Healthcare and medicine has allowed us to learn and understand so many things about ourselves in regards to the body. Still, the body remains a mystery in cases where we know there is a problem, but we do not completely understand why it is happening -- hence we speculate. For example, primary chronic headaches do not have identifiable underlying causes. Everyone has experienced headaches a handful of times throughout their life, but when it is increased in frequency where you have it more often than not,  it is no longer normal. The worst thing about having a headache is learning how debilitating it can be to concentrate or do activities. Finding a treatment option that is suitable for you is possible if you can narrow down the type of long-lasting headache you are experiencing.

Four Types of Chronic Headaches

By definition, a chronic headache persists for 15 or more days out of the month for a minimum of three months. They are said to be true, or primary, chronic daily headaches if they are not caused by a separate condition, and non-primary if an underlying condition (brain injury, brain tumor, stroke, abnormal intracranial pressure) exists. Long lasting headaches last over four hours when they appear and include:

  1. Chronic Tension Headache
    • Causes mild to moderate pain
    • Does not worsen with physical activity 
    • Affects both sides of the hean
    • Pain feels as if it is tightening or pressing rather than pulsating
    • Possible skull tenderness
  1. Chronic MigraineRelated image
    • Worsens with physical activity
    • Can affect one or both sides of the head
    • Moderate to extreme pain is felt
    • Throbbing, pulsating sensation
  1. Hemicrania Continua
    • Appears daily and continuously without relief periods
    • Felt on one side of the head
    • May become severe with the addition of migraine-like symptoms
    • Constant moderate pain with occasional bursts of severe pain
  1. New Daily Persistent Headache
    • Headaches can appear suddenly commonly in those with no history of headaches
    • Grows constant within 72 hours of the first headache where at least two characteristics are found:

                             (I) Affecting both sides of the head

                            (II) Appearance of mild to moderate pain

                           (III) Pain feels as if it is tightening or pressing rather than pulsating

                           (IV) Does not worsen with physical activity

A Natural Option for Chronic Headaches

Chronic headaches are a nuisance for a number of reasons. It can bring up a variety of negative emotions in many because it seems to never truly go away.  It is a battle in itself to find someone that can eliminate to reduce the incidence all the while trying to keep within your budget. Baltic Essentials Amber is an excellent remedy for chronic headache suffers due to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Amber is made from succinic acid that will ease and prevent pain in the head, neck, and shoulders. The healing properties penetrate the skin where it benefits are released. The anti-inflammatory properties allow swollen blood vessels, that are believed to trigger pain, to return to its original state. The amber may be worn for months at a time, and they will continue to work for you as you wear them for many years to come. Feel the positivity that amber can have in your life by trying it on. 

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