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Baltic Essentials Exchange Policy

Here is some general information on our exchange process...
- you may print just one return label for all! Each return label costs postage. Please only print one. 

~As part of our money back guarantee, we will exchange your item within 30 days. - one time.
 ~We do not reimburse shipping costs. Further, we do not allow exchanges on special orders.

~If you are within the timeframe mentioned above, Please mail your item to:

Baltic Essentials
PO Box 831705
Richardson, TX 75083

FOR EXCHANGES you may print a shipping label

Please be sure to include your order number!

~For exchanges:

Return the necklace or bracelet to the address listed above and mark EXCHANGE on the package.
    Inside, please include:
1) Order number
2) NEW item you wish to have in exchange: Polished or Raw
3) Size you need to have, in exchange: 5.5", 7", 11", 12.5", 16", 22", etc. Color for exchange: Milk, Lemon, Honey, Cognac, Multi, etc. Please be sure the size you are requesting is within the same price point as the one you purchased. Substitutions may be made if you choose a size much larger than what was purchased.

Please be sure to bubble wrap the necklace or use a bubble mailer. If the item arrives in a broken condition due to not being wrapped, we can not refund the item.

How to size your item you need. Using a string, measure around the neck where you wish to have the item fall. Send the exact string to us (we'll add .75 inches) OR, measure the string, adding .75 inches and give us that number! We'll go to the next size up when exchanging. For instance, if you need 13" but we only carry 14", we'll send the 14". If you need 15" but we only carry 12.5" or 17", we'll contact you about special ordering or a replacement style.

Is your necklace a bit too small?
You can gently stretch about .75 - 1.25 inches. Pulling bead to bead gently but not at the clasp pull evenly around the necklace. Is your item too big? You can tie a literal knot in the necklace to shorten it.

Need an inch?
If you hate the idea of sending your necklace back or stretching it and just need 1-1.5 inches, we have extenders here

After 30 days, we are no longer able to exchange the item. 

Most babies respond to amber within 30 minutes. Adults may take 1-2 weeks. Hazelwood & semi-precious, typically 3-4 days. However, some stubborn cases of any of the above will take 2 weeks!

Thank you

If you need further assistance, please email us at:

Used inventory cannot be resold and we take this back at our loss.
Shipping is not reimbursable. If you received free shipping during a promotion and later return the item, the actual cost to ship will be subtracted.